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The money you’re going to be out-of-pocket if you choose to move a vehicle between Maryland (MD) and Texas (TX) is significant. Your wallet — and family — will thank you for, instead, looking into having American Auto Transport AAT move the vehicle between the two states on your behalf. You’ll save yourself money, valuable time, and stress. Call American Auto Transport at (866) 327-7863 and get your Maryland to Texas auto transport reservations now!





The drive between Texas and Maryland is about 2,000 miles, taking at least two long days to drive, along Interstates 66, 81, 40, 30, and 20. And you’re going to incur costs for that time on the road, like gas, food, lodging, and one-way airfare to get to where the vehicle is located or back from where it’s being delivered. You are also going to be putting unnecessary mileage on your car, truck, or van, in addition to being away from your family and having to deal with traffic, road closures or work, and other hassles inherent with road trips.

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Costs when transporting your own vehicle:

  • Plane ticket – $250-1,150
  • Food – $150-250
  • Time / Opportunity Costs – $350-500
  • Gas – $300-450
  • Lodging – $100-200

Approximate costs: $2,600.00

That’s a potential savings of $2,000!

It’s an awful lot of money to be spending just to move a vehicle. Here at American Auto Transport AAT, we have made the drive between Maryland and Texas thousands of times, delivering the vehicles we are transporting on time and in excellent condition. We would like to be your choice for Maryland to Texas auto transport, too! Contact us today at (866) 327-7863 for more information about Maryland to Texas auto transport.

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