One of the most common requests amongst our customers is for specific pick-up dates. American Auto Transport wants our customers to know that we CAN provide specific pick-up dates if you need them. The process of assigning specific pick-up dates, however, is slightly different than our standard operating procedures. This article will lay out both our normal assignment process and the special requirements of assigning specific pick-up dates.

Under normal circumstances, the process of transport assignment is a matter of opportunity. Most of our customers are simply looking for the fastest possible pick-up, so what we do is take their order and then assign them to the next available carrier. It typically takes American Auto Transport between 1-3 days to assign a driver to pick your vehicle up. This is our standard type of service, and for most of our customers it works wonderfully.

There are, however, some instances in which customers need a vehicle picked up on some particular date or the other. While this is not a problem for American Auto Transport, the process works somewhat differently than our typical service. First, it should be noted that not all routes or vehicles can be picked up on specific dates. For instance, if you need a dually truck picked up in Bozeman, Montana on a Sunday, you’re out of luck. Specific date pick-ups can, however, be made from most major locations and for most types of vehicles.

This service costs an extra $100-200, depending on what the particulars of the job are. If you’re leaving from a major city and going to a major city with a standard-sized vehicle, same day pick-up will cost less. If the job isn’t quite as easy, it will cost more to get a driver to your location. You may also be able to lower the price for this service if you give us advanced notice of your request. Typically, a week is sufficient time in most cases to lower the price of our specific pick-u date service.

American Auto Transport is proud to be one of the few companies in the auto transport industry that is able to deliver specific pick-up date services. We know that our customers have lives and cannot or do not want to have to delay their plans for the sake of auto transport. This is why we always go to great lengths to get the job done right the first time around so that you don’t have to delay your life. So use the most convenient auto transport service around. Use the company that you can trust. Use the best. Call us today at (866) 327-7863and make your auto shipping reservations with the best auto transport company in the industry today!