How to ship a car from one state to another state?

Shipping a car from one state to another involves a straightforward process that begins with research and planning. First, request a quote from us. Next, schedule the pickup date and location. Prepare your car by cleaning it thoroughly, documenting its current condition with photos, and removing all personal belongings. Disable alarms and ensure the gas tank is no more than a quarter full to reduce weight. The carrier will inspect and load the vehicle onto the transport trailer on the pickup date. You can track the car's progress and receive updates throughout the transit. Inspect the vehicle for any potential damages upon delivery and report them if necessary. With careful planning, you can seamlessly transport your vehicle from one state to another, ensuring a safe and efficient journey.

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How much does it cost to ship a car to another state?

The cost to ship a car to another state can vary depending on several factors. The distance between the origin and destination states is a primary determinant of the shipping cost, with longer distances typically resulting in higher prices. The type of transport service you choose, such as open or enclosed carriers, also impacts the cost, with enclosed carriers being more expensive but offering additional protection for the vehicle. Moreover, the season and demand for car shipping can influence prices, with peak seasons often leading to higher rates. Request an instant quote today to get the answer!

How long does it take to ship a car to another state?

The time it takes to ship a car to another state can vary depending on factors such as the distance between the origin and destination, the specific route taken, and the availability of carriers. Generally, car shipping within the same region or neighboring states may take anywhere from a few days to a week. For longer distances, such as coast-to-coast shipments, the process may extend to two weeks or more. Additionally, the type of transport service chosen, such as open or enclosed carriers, can also impact the shipping duration. It's essential to discuss the estimated timeframe with the car shipping company and plan ahead to ensure a smooth and timely delivery of your vehicle to its destination state.

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What are the factors that impact the cost of shipping a car to another state?



The distance between the origin and destination states is a significant factor affecting the shipping cost. Longer distances generally incur higher shipping fees.


Type of Transport

The choice between open and enclosed carriers can impact the cost. Enclosed carriers offer more protection but are usually more expensive than open carriers.


Car Size

Larger and heavier vehicles may require more specialized equipment, which can lead to higher transportation costs.


Season & Demand

Peak seasons with increased demand for car shipping services can result in higher prices compared to off-peak periods.


Pickup & Delivery

If the pickup or delivery locations are in remote or less accessible areas, additional fees may be incurred.


Car Condition

Non-running or inoperable vehicles might require additional handling and equipment, leading to extra charges.


Insurance Coverage

Enhanced insurance coverage and additional services may be available at an extra cost.


Time Frame

Expedited shipping services or specific delivery timelines might come with higher rates than standard shipping options.


Fuel Prices

Fluctuating fuel prices can affect transportation costs, especially for long-distance shipments.

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