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Ready to Transport Your Car from Arizona to Hawaii?

There are few things more annoying and complicated in normal life than having to schedule your own logistics. If you’re in need of Arizona to Hawaii auto transport, then save the hassle and the risk — use an experienced auto transport to do all the dirty work for you! Contact American Auto Transport today for an INSTANT quote.

We have shipped many vehicles from Arizona to Hawaii and would like to take care of yours, too. Because we ship exclusively with Matson, we’re able to get extensive discounts on the overseas portion of the transportation — discounts we are then able to pass along to you — discounts you can’t get.

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Here at American Auto Transport, we’ll take care of everything for you, including getting your vehicle to the right port at the right time, in order to get it on the ship. You won’t need to worry about the mainland transportation, either, as we have that covered with our auto haulers.

Before moving your vehicle between Hawaii and Arizona, there’s some information we’re going to need to get from you, and you’re going to have to prep your vehicle for shipping.

Arizona to Hawaii Auto Transport

Vehicle Preparation

Matson has standard rules that must be in effect in order for your car to be loaded onto one of their transport ships. You’re going to need to make sure that your vehicle:

  • Is thoroughly cleaned and emptied, inside and out
  • Is fully functional and drivable
  • Has less than ¼ of a tank of gas
  • Has a functioning emergency brake
  • Has intact — absolutely no breaks or cracks — windshield and windows

Additionally, absolutely no personal items can remain inside the car, regardless of whether they’re in the trunk or the passenger compartment. The only exceptions are the spare tire, a tire jack, and the Owner’s Manual for the vehicle. Subwoofers may remain in the trunk, provided they are securely bolted in; likewise, a roof rack may remain in place, so long as it, too, is properly secured. Also, you can leave car and infant seats in the passenger compartment, so long as they are securely buckled into the seat. Under no circumstances are you allowed to ship propane tanks or fire extinguishers.

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Reservation Information for Matson

American Auto Transport will need for you to provide the following information, in order to secure a shipping reservation number for your vehicle:

  • Year, Make, Model, and Color
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • License Plate Number
  • Name and contact phone numbers for the owner and the person who will be dropping off the vehicle at the port.
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Port Requirements

Ports in Hawaii and on the mainland have different paperwork requirements. Please pay close attention to which requirements are applicable to your vehicle transportation situation.

Shipping from the Mainland

You’re going to need the following paperwork, if you’re going to be delivering your vehicle to the port for shipping via Matson from the mainland:

  • The Matson Shipping / Booking Number
  • Government-Issued Photo Identification
  • Document showing VIN, such as an Insurance Card, Registration, or Title

Please note that the person dropping off the vehicle at the port MUST BE the person listed on the Matson Booking / Shipping form. If not, the vehicle will not be shipped. Also, if the person dropping off the vehicle is not the legal owner, the legal owner must provide a letter — notarized — giving permission for Matson to ship the vehicle to Hawaii.

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Shipping from Hawaii

If you’re shipping a vehicle from Hawaii to Arizona, you’re going to need to present the following paperwork at the port:

  • The Matson Shipping / Booking Number
  • Government-Issued Photo Identification
  • Current Proof of Registration — from any state
  • Vehicle Title or Letter from Lien Holder

It is essential that the person delivering the vehicle to the port for shipping through Matson be the person listed on the Matson Booking / Shipping form. Additionally, if someone other then the vehicle’s legal owner is dropping off the vehicle, they must have a notarized letter, from the legal owner, giving permission for the vehicle to be shipped to the mainland. Finally, anyone or any institution with a legal interest in the vehicle must provide written permission for the vehicle to leave Hawaii and be transported to Arizona.

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