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Safely Ship a Car from Hawaii to Florida

The process of shipping a car from Hawaii to Florida or in the other direction can be a challenge: you’ll need to deal with traffic, road conditions, and inclement weather on the mainland and then the stress of arranging for a company to ship the car either to the islands or from Hawaii to a mainland port. Wouldn’t it be much easier to let professionals take care of your Hawaii to Florida Auto Transport for you?

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At American Auto Transport, we have shipped many cars from Hawaii to Florida and would be glad to do the same for your car, truck, or van. While on the mainland, crossing the country, all vehicles are transported on our auto transport fleet. For crossing the ocean between Hawaii and the Mainland, we book exclusively through Matson, which means we get exclusive discounts on the shipping service; we’re then able to pass along these savings to our clients.

Why should you spend your valuable time driving your vehicle across the country? Or struggling with the paperwork? Why not let American Auto Transport take care of all of the logistics for you; we’ll pick-up your vehicle, get it to the right port, pick it up after it’s been shipped, and deliver it to the correct destination — all in a timely and affordable process.

Ship Car from Hawaii to Florida

Vehicle Preparation

Matson has strict guidelines regarding vehicles they allow to be shipped in their vessels. Before your vehicle is picked-up for transport or shipping, you’ll need to ensure that it:

  • Has a thoroughly clean interior and exterior
  • Has intact windows and windshield — absolutely no cracks
  • Has an operable emergency brake
  • Is in working condition
  • Contains less than 1/4 of a tank of gas

All personal items must be removed from the vehicle, including from the passenger compartment, trunk, and all storage pockets / areas. There are three things which may remain: the Owner’s Manual, a spare tire, and a tire jack. If your vehicle has a roof rack, it must be secured to the vehicle frame and the same is true for any subwoofers in the trunk of the auto. If you have car seats for children or infants, they must be buckled into a seat, securely. Under no circumstances are you allowed to ship fire extinguishers or propane tanks.

Matson Booking / Shipping Number

In order for American Auto Transport to secure a Matson Booking / Shipping Number for your vehicle, you’re going to need to provide the following information:

  • Name and contact info for the owner and the person who will be dropping off the vehicle at the port for shipping
  • Vehicle License Plate Number
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Vehicle Year, Make, Model, and Color
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Requirements at the Port

Please note that the ports in Hawaii and on the mainland have different requirements for paperwork. Please follow the instructions for your specific situation.

Shipping from Hawaii

  • Current vehicle registration (from any state)
  • Government-Issued Photo I.D.
  • Matson Booking / Shipping Number
  • Vehicle Title or a letter from the Lien holder

In addition, the person dropping off the vehicle with Matson for shipping must be on the Matson Booking / Shipping form. Also, anyone with a legal interest in the vehicle, whether the owner or the institution holding the lien, must provide a letter giving permission for the vehicle to leave Hawaii. Finally, if the person dropping off the vehicle is not the legal owner — the person whose name is on the title document — they must provide Matson with a notarized letter from the legal owner giving permission for the vehicle to be shipped out of Hawaii and to the mainland.

Shipping from the Mainland

  • Official document showing Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), such as Title, Registration, or an Insurance Card
  • Government-Issued Photo I.D.
  • Matson Booking / Shipping Number

It is a standard requirement that if the person dropping off the vehicle to be shipped is not the person on the car, truck, or van’s title, the legal owner must provide a certified letter giving the bearer permission to drop off the vehicle for shipment to Hawaii. Also, the person delivering the vehicle to the port must be listed on the Matson Booking / Shipping form.

There are a lot of logistics required to transport a vehicle from Hawaii to Florida or from Florida to Hawaii; in addition to arranging for the overseas shipping, there is the over-the-road travel to and from the mainland port. You’d be well-served to contact American Auto Transport to take care of transporting your auto.

If you want to know anything else about how to ship car from Hawaii to Florida, we urge you to call us today and speak to one of out transport experts.

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