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Since 2009, we've become America's trusted choice for auto transport and can provide you with a complete range of shipping options to ensure you are provided with quality service that will meet your needs. Whether you are buying a new car, relocating homes, or shipping a show car, our team will ensure that your auto transport is done properly with the care and integrity.

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Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked question about auto transport, transporting your vehicle and the difference between each type of carrier.

We know all too well that transporting a car to a new location is not as easy as getting behind the wheel for a drive. Many people do not have the time to drive long distances. They are on a tight schedule with no room for delays that can happen on the road from incidents like bad weather, construction, traffic congestion or accidents.

Auto Transport Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking to transport a luxury vehicle or collectible (custom, classic or antique), you may also have insurance concerns because of the high risk of a roadside incident during transport. Most importantly, the cost of auto transport is often cheaper than gas, food, lodging, and roadside assistance during a nonprofessional move.

We take the stress out of it all by offering a full range of safe, secure and timely transporter options. Below, our team has answered the most frequently asked questions by people just like you who are looking into hiring an auto transport company to ship their vehicle.

Pricing & Industry Differences

As in any industry, the consumer transportation industry is made up of high-end and low-end companies. As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for" when it comes to both products and services. At American Auto Transport, we do our best to give clients a reasonable price for a high-quality auto transport service. That said, we acknowledge that they can find lower prices in the marketplace. The following questions address the most common concerns we hear about price differences.

As in any industry, the auto transport industry is made up of low-end and high-end companies. As the saying goes, people get what they pay for when it comes to both products and services. At American Auto Transport, we do our best to give clients a reasonable price for a high-quality service. That said, we acknowledge that they can find lower prices in the marketplace. The following questions address the most common concerns we get asked about price differences for vehicle shipping.

Our sales representatives quote prices based on a wide range of factors, including a client's vehicle type, the route (starting point to destination), fuel costs, mileage and availability.

We never hesitate to give a potential client a line-by-line quote of our best price without any games. We are clear about our costs, any costs that can fluctuate and extra fees. For example, Classic Car Shipping in an Enclosed Auto Transport can run $500 to $2,000 more than shipment using an Open Carrier Car Shipping. We are upfront with our clients about this fact because we do not want any confusion or upset about our fees. We treat our customers exactly the same way that we would want to be treated in the same scenario.

It's important to note that we do provide discounts in certain scenarios. Active military members, for example, receive Military Car Shipping discounts in honor of their service to our country.

Some vehicle owners think that if they wait to schedule the transportation until the last minute, they might receive a great deal or discount or the opportunity to use one company's cheaper quote to negotiate a deal with another more expensive company. Although there is always the chance that they might pay less by waiting, the fact is that economic changes, nationwide shortages, fuel costs, global conflicts and increased supply and demand have made all types of personal and professional transportation much more expensive than they were even a few months ago.

The cost of fuel is by far the biggest factor to take into consideration when it comes to auto transport. If a client waits even a week or two after they receive a quote to schedule a pickup, they risk receiving a new, higher quote because of higher fuel costs. If part shortages continue or worsen, the price can increase depending on when the news breaks.

Check out this article: The Cost of Driving vs. Transporting Your Car

This question is often the first one that many people ask our sales and other representatives after receiving a custom quote for transportation services based on their unique situation. Our rates are all guaranteed prices. That said, our price quotes are based on the previously mentioned factors. Even a suddenly busier route or an event that closes off a preferred route can cause a fluctuation in price. If a potential client waits too long to schedule, then they risk losing their quoted price.

It is also important to note again that we charge additional fees for some services. Unlike some companies, our fees are never hidden from potential or existing clients. For example, we charge extra if a client needs pickup or delivery on a specific date, an enclosed carrier for a specialty auto transport scenario of an inoperable vehicle or replacement parts.

We charge extra for these services for several reasons. With on-demand pickup and delivery, we must pull a driver and transportation carrier from a pre-scheduled route specially to guarantee that we meet the custom pickup and delivery timeframes. With a specialty vehicle that requires an enclosure, such as a classic car, we experience higher costs related to the purchase and maintenance of high-quality equipment and the enclosed carrier and insurance. With an inoperable vehicle and replacement parts, one of our drivers must use extra equipment and take extra-special precautions to move the items to the carrier, which takes extra time and requires additional labor.

It might seem redundant for us to have another section about price and our competition, but we sincerely don't want any confusion about price. We guarantee our price and to always be upfront about it. Other companies with lower prices do not offer that type of guarantee. Some vehicle carriers pull a bait and switch. They quote extremely low prices to attract consumers, and then they hit their customers with hidden fees. Many people receive a late or damaged vehicle because they choose a new or untested company.

For more than 19 years, our team at American Auto Transport has worked with over 2,500 third-party carriers to safely move more than $1 million vehicles. We are the preferred shipper for not merely individuals. We are chosen again and again by private corporations, including Fortune 500 companies, relocation companies, vehicle dealers and government agencies. When a consumer chooses us, whether they are shipping a custom luxury vehicle or an inoperable vehicle they plan to eventually rebuild, they know that they have received the best possible service in the auto transport industry.

For more information about these or other questions, speak to a member of our team today!

Vehicle Pickup, Delivery & Payment

We always endeavor to make the pickup and delivery process quick and easy for our clients. Unlike many other companies, we offer door-to-door service, as long as we're legally permitted to do so in a specific geographic area. As a result, our clients typically never have to waste their time or money driving their vehicle to a special pickup spot and then returning to their home or office.

With transportation of a standard-sized vehicle, our driver can usually pick up a vehicle at a client's preferred location within 24 to 48 hours anywhere in the United States. With an oversized vehicle, such as certain brands and models of SUVs, trucks and vans, the driver must use special equipment, which means that the pickup can take longer. Once we have taken custody of the vehicle, we typically deliver it within 5 to 8 days.

The "estimated time of delivery" is self-explanatory. It is an estimate of when we believe we can deliver the vehicle as long as there are no emergency developments. We provide a delivery estimate instead of a guarantee because anything can adversely impact a scheduled delivery.

We never want to hear that one of our drivers did not make a timely delivery. Our drivers typically transport vehicles between 400 miles and 500 miles every day. Legally, they are not permitted to drive more than a specific number of hours/miles in a day.

The estimated mileage for a specific delivery is dependent on the client's route. The time of delivery is impacted by a variety of factors, including route and road conditions, such as traffic and weather, the number of other drop-offs the driver must complete along the route and fuel shortages, if applicable.

Our clients never have to worry about not knowing the location of their vehicles during transportation. We offer two convenient ways for them to receive vehicle-tracking information. They can fill out our Vehicle Tracking Form. A representative then reaches out to them with the vehicle-tracking details. They can also speak to one of our knowledgeable agents who can look up the details for them by calling (866) 327-7863.

Given economic concerns happening both nationally and around the world, we know that clients prefer and sometimes need more than one or two payment options. We never want to turn away a client who needs our services because their only method of payment during difficult times is a form that we can't accept. The idea of that type of scenario unfolding with one of our representatives is unacceptable to us, which is why we do everything we can to accommodate our clients' needs.

As of November 2022, we accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover). We also accept Cashapp, Venmo and Zelle electronic payment options. Whatever the client's chosen payment method, we request that they provide us with the payment information during scheduling. We also require a portion of the transport fee upfront. Our representatives will provide the specific amount.

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