What is Auto Transport?

To initiate the auto transport process, you must first obtain a quote and place your order to secure a pickup and delivery date. You may get a fast pricing quote with most businesses and place your purchase online.

Next, you must prepare your vehicle for shipping. Preparation may involve removing personal belongings, testing the emergency brake, cleaning your automobile, and reporting any pre-existing problems or essential documentation.

What is Auto Transport?

Compare Transport Carrier Options

The majority of clients choose open transport, but a reputable auto shipping company should be able to provide all options. Open Carrier Car Shipping is the most commonly used and can handle nearly any type of vehicle. If you need to transport a car that you use every day, open transportation is the most affordable option.

The least expensive method of transporting an automobile is open transportation. However, Enclosed Auto Transport may help you feel better about your priceless cargo if you're transporting a luxury or vintage vehicle.

Find a Trustworthy Auto Transporter

Checking a company's registration with the Department of Transportation's FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Administration) is the best way to determine a company's reliability. They need to have a current USDOT number and MC Docket number.

Motor Carrier License: American Auto Transport

You can always find the seven-digit USDOT number and six-digit MC (Motor Carrier) Docket number of reputable auto transport businesses by asking them. You should often be able to locate it on their website as well. After all, companies that transport cars are unable to function legally in the US without current registration. See our license.

American Auto Transport

Focus on the details while reading reviews about Auto Transport companies is crucial. Visit websites like Google, TrustPilot, Facebook, BBB, and TransportReviews. The top-rated auto shipping business will often be represented on all of the leading review websites.

When you begin your search for a reputable auto transporter, use these guidelines for assistance.

American Auto Transport Reviews

5 Qualities of a Reputable Auto Transport Company:

  • They don’t conceal customer reviews
  • They provide different kinds of automobile transportation
  • They don’t oversell (or undersell)
  • They give car transport advice
  • They provide an immediate quote

Cost of Auto Transport

First and foremost, the majority of reputable auto transport companies would be glad to provide you with a free estimate. It should represent your shipping requirements, vehicle, the shipping schedule, and the market as a whole.

The best car transport firms will provide you with an estimate based on several variables, including the model and make of the vehicle, its condition, the required shipping distance, the pickup and drop-off addresses, and, ultimately, the method of transportation.

Since rates may vary, it is a good idea to get quotes from several carriers.

If your quote seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Companies that provide you with a price without outlining important information should be avoided. The cheapest providers often offer incredibly low costs, only to charge clients much more when it comes time to ship. To avoid surprises later on, be sure your price includes your car, the shipping distance covered, and the mode of transportation.

Finally, do not send your money by wire transfer. Car carriers that request a wire transfer may vanish after taking your money. Top-rating auto shipping companies only charge you once your order has been completed. You should be able to place an order without getting a bill in most circumstances.


Any interstate auto transport company must have the necessary insurance to cover any damage to the cars they ship. However,  although this is the case, you should not be concerned. Most businesses will include the cost of insurance in the given estimate. Furthermore, the vehicle transport business is highly regulated and closely watched.

How Auto Transport Works

Anyone who needs a car transported from one area to another must contact a company that provides this service. You and the transport company will arrange to ship the automobile. After an agreement has been reached, the company arranges for a auto carrier to arrive and pick up the vehicle from your desired pickup location. The car is then delivered to the desired drop-off location.

What is Auto Transport?

Working with a reputable firm like American Auto Transport guarantees that the process of obtaining an estimate,  arranging pickup and delivery, and signing an agreement, is simple and straightforward. We give you a personal shipping agent to ensure you get the excellent assistance and automobile shipping service you deserve. Your personal shipping agent will be with you every step of the route, from the beginning to the conclusion. Our emphasis is on transporting your car securely, on schedule, and at a reasonable rate.

What happens when the automobile shipment carrier gets to the place you specified for your vehicle's pickup? We put all of our carriers through comprehensive background checks in the business to guarantee you receive the finest service possible. Our carriers will load your vehicle securely, carry it with care, and ensure it is delivered on schedule. Our dispatch team's primary goal is to guarantee that your automobile is well-cared for throughout the process and arrives on schedule and in excellent condition.

We provide open vehicle transportation, door-to-door service, and sheltered transportation. Whatever your automobile transportation requirements are, your own devoted adviser will ensure that everything is taken care of.

The majority of our consumers prefer our open transportation alternative. You receive the greatest bargain with open transportation auto shipping while obtaining safe, high-class automobile transportation.

We understand that each customer's requirements are unique, and our enclosed transportation alternative is always available. We suggest open transportation for most automobiles and enclosed shipping for those vehicles that need additional protection by being in an enclosed area for the duration of the journey.

We want you to feel at ease during the whole transaction. For this reason,  we provide a free online vehicle shipping quotation as quickly as possible. Please contact our toll-free number for a more personalized touch. One of our transportation consultants would be pleased to help you with an estimate. We understand that our clients have the right to know the cost of transacting with us immediately. If a vehicle shipping business does not provide free quotations, we suggest you search elsewhere.

You should consider hiring an auto shipping service to transfer your automobile for several reasons. Some of these factors may not apply to your personal requirements, but they will be provided so you can better understand why others may employ a vehicle transport service.


The most usual cause for using a car transport service provider is that you must have your automobile at another location. Maybe you want to travel across the state for an extended vacation but don't want to hire a vehicle for that duration. In such an instance, hiring an auto transport company to deliver your vehicle might be an excellent option.

This isn't the only reason you should use a vehicle transport service. Having your car relocated by a professional auto shipping company is often more convenient. This procedure may be efficient, convenient, and secure for all parties involved.

Having your car picked up and transported to your preferred location may help you avoid a lot of worry and concern in many circumstances. The procedure is fairly simple. All you have to do is arrange a time for your car to be picked up, write down your desired pickup point, and then return to the destination point to get your delivered vehicle. It's that easy, and the procedure is efficient and safe.


Many people dislike driving their car over large distances in areas they have never visited. Driving in new locations, particularly at night, may be perilous. You also run the chance of your car breaking down during your journey, leaving you stuck on the side of the road.

That risk is particularly frightening on lengthy journeys across unknown parts of the nation. By investing in a vehicle transport service, you eliminate that chance. It may cost a little extra to have your car transferred for you, but it will undoubtedly spare you a lot of tension and stress from thinking about whether your car will be able to reach its location.

Aside from that, you don't want to place yourself in a scenario where you could be subject to safety dangers. Long car rides may be unpleasant for some individuals. You don't want to fall asleep in the midst of a long journey and put those in the car at risk of a collision or other deadly mishap.

Many of these issues, once again, may be resolved with a typical automobile shipping service. Your supplier will give you all the necessary information from start to end.


You may believe that transferring your automobile to your location would take weeks. However, in most circumstances, your car may be delivered within a few days. Some long-distance deliveries may only take a few days using a vehicle transport service, even if you expect it to take much longer.

Each vehicle shipping company has a different delivery time. Most suppliers will provide you with all the information you need about charges, delivery schedules, and other issues related to your car delivery.


One of the more uncommon situations is when an individual chooses to purchase a car while out of town. While used cars are more likely to fall into this category, new cars might sometimes fit this scenario.

Most of the time, you probably don't want to drive the car back to your home by yourself, particularly if you just acquired it and haven't had the opportunity to make sure it can get there.

One of your best alternatives in this situation is to call an auto transport company to pick up your car and bring it to its new location. Because it isn't advisable to drive a newly-owned used car for a long distance immediately after you buy it, this is the safest choice for all parties.

The auto-shipping procedure is ideal in this circumstance since it minimizes safety risks and enables you to move your car quickly and effectively. If the vehicle's seller is aware that you will need to use a vehicle transport service to move your car, they may even offer to pay for the cost of the service or reduce the selling price.

Transport Carrier Types

If you've never used a vehicle transport service, you may be uncertain about the many automobiles that are used to transfer your specific automobile. The reality is that various car transport vehicles are available from various service providers based on the client's particular requirements.

You will get the opportunity to learn more about these various car transport trucks and how to choose the best one for your needs. Your choice of transport truck for your vehicle relocation service may influence your delivery's efficiency, cost, and duration.

Open Carrier
Car Shipping

Enclosed Vehicle

There is some debate about which transportation trucks are more prevalent, between open or enclosed transport trucks. However, as we've explained, in an exposed carrier,  you are likely to see more automobiles being hauled on the road.

Unless there was a brand or name on the vehicle transport truck, it would be harder to determine if an enclosed transport hauler is moving vehicles. Having stated that, most clients have no trouble moving their cars using an exposed transport truck auto shipping service.

There is a strong possibility that an exposed transport truck will be suitable for delivery if you have a standard vehicle. Even though these transport trucks are exposed to inclement weather like hail, rain, and thunderstorms, your car still receives a lot of protection from them.

It may not be a good idea to utilize an uncovered transport truck if you need to move a luxury automobile, stock car, racing car, or any other valuable vehicle. The greatest danger is having numerous people see your car on the visible transport truck since anything may happen in such a situation. If you want to export a unique luxury automobile that costs more than a typical vehicle, it might be safer to use an enclosed transport truck.

Enclosed transport vehicles are relatively safer, particularly for rare luxury automobiles, racing cars, and other valuable cars. You wouldn't want to have such valuable cars exposed on the back of a conventional exposed transport truck.

Imagine several stock car racers traveling to a weekend-long race in another city. They are part of a small racing team and have a stock vehicle that may be utilized at a track outside town. The issue is that they can't move their stock vehicle since they lack a trailer.

When shipping the race car to the track, hiring an enclosed transport van from an auto transport company may be extremely helpful. A priceless stock car shouldn't be mounted prominently on the back of a vehicle transportation truck. 

You may not know a few distinct types of enclosed transport vehicle variants. Let's begin with the enclosed transport transporter, the most popular enclosed trailer. These haulers may be made to carry a single vehicle, but other models can carry many vehicles simultaneously.

There are many vehicle storage options available with the alternative hauler option. These are enormous and carry up to eight vehicles at once while being entirely enclosed during the trip.

Regarding which mode of transportation gives the most value to clients, you may anticipate them to be about equal. As previously stated for delivery times, similar principles apply to value and price.

Since uncovered transport trucks and haulers are more prevalent, they are somewhat less expensive than enclosed transport haulers. The total cost increases when a vehicle transportation company offers fast automobile shipment with an enclosed vehicle carrier.

In some cases, the shipping cost is determined by the type of auto transport vehicle used, but the majority of the cost is determined by driving distance and fuel costs. There may be some extra service costs for choosing a specific type of transportation truck, but this is entirely dependent on the car transport operator.

A typically exposed transport truck will probably be quicker for automobile transportation services. These transport trucks can move more quickly since they are more widespread in general and are often used in the vehicle transportation sector.

Enclosed transport vehicles may have the same delivery time, but if you want an accelerated delivery while using this service, you may expect to pay more in service fees.

Transport Vehicles Overview

Before you commit to moving your automobile using a vehicle transportation service, you should have a general idea of the type of transport vehicle you want your car sent in. If you are still undecided about which car transport vehicle is best for you, you should revisit the advantages and drawbacks of each choice listed above.

In general, typical automobiles may be carried on an uncovered transport truck. On the other hand, high-end, luxury, and racing cars should be transported in a protected or enclosed carrier.

Delivery Alternatives

It's time to talk about the numerous delivery options accessible to you.

This information may also be obtained through your auto transportation company. It is critical to collaborate with them to get the desired distribution technique. Home delivery, often known as door-to-door automobile shipment, is the most prevalent delivery method. Terminal delivery is an option which often entails going to a licensed vehicle delivery terminal to pick up or drop off your vehicle.

There are several other aspects you will need to be aware of before you can choose your delivery method. So, here are the two principal delivery techniques and their comparison.

Terminal delivery is marginally less expensive than door-to-door automobile delivery. People often do not have the time to wait for their car to be picked up, which is why terminal delivery is still popular. They often choose to cooperate with their auto transport provider and drop it off at a nearby automobile terminal.

This is quite handy for the vehicle transport carrier, which is why it is usually somewhat less expensive than home delivery. There are certain security issues to consider. As previously stated, allowing your car to stay at the vehicle terminal for a long time may expose it to a harmful environment.

Many automobile terminals have inadequate protection, opening the door to vandalism, theft, and other similar scenarios. If you are transporting an ordinary automobile that isn't in its best condition, sending it via terminal delivery services may be less risky.

If, on the other hand, you want to move a premium vehicle, you probably don't want it exposed to the conditions at the terminal delivery parking lot. The same idea applies when considering uncovered and enclosed auto transporters. If convenience is a requirement, you may select a terminal with high-level security features.

Home delivery may be more costly, but it is becoming more common in the auto transportation industry. It enables suppliers to find innovative methods to minimize costs and make the process more effective. This delivery approach is likely to succeed over the terminal delivery procedure in the near future.

The convenience of door-to-door automobile transportation service is that your vehicle may be picked up from your house. You may then have it delivered to the precise spot you want to be when it arrives.

Door-to-door delivery may be a practical alternative for certain individuals, but as previously said, it can be somewhat more costly than terminal auto transport service. Many individuals prefer door-to-door delivery over terminal delivery because it is safer.

Home delivery is much safer than delivery at the terminal since automobile terminals aren't always safe and secure. This implies that your car may be exposed for a long time without protection. This is particularly concerning if you do not intend to be at the delivery facility soon after your car arrives.

Vehicle Inspection

How to prepare your vehicle for transport

Vehicles are usually subjected to a comprehensive examination before and after transportation. This operation usually requires your presence. However, there are occasional exceptions based on the circumstances.

The vehicle inspection is critical for the shipping company and the vehicle owner. If there is any damage to the vehicle during the transit procedure, the shipping carrier's insurance may be required to take responsibility and pay for necessary repairs.

Some individuals cannot attend to their car delivery when it gets to the vehicle terminal. When this occurs, the car owner must sign off on a suitable alternative person to fulfill this need. Your vehicle transport shipping carrier may assist you in completing the inspection procedure.


Now that you've learned all there is to know about auto transport, you should have some faith in this sort of service in the future. If you need vehicle transportation services, you can be certain that an auto transportation company can handle the task.

Auto transportation is a quick and easy option to move your automobile from one area to another. A car shipping service might be useful for a variety of reasons.

It is critical to grasp all these concepts before having your car delivered. Before you begin, you should thoroughly grasp all the many delivery alternatives and service variants.