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Transporting your vehicle from Washington DC to Colorado has never been easier before with American Auto Transport. We transport just about any kind of automobile to and from the DC area on a regular basis. Forget about driving, we can help save you time, hassle and money with affordable auto transport services. Contact us today to get an INSTANT quote and reserve your car shipping appointment today.

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Comparison of Driving Yourself vs American Auto Transport from DC to CO

When you’re faced with the need to transport your car from Washington, D.C. to Colorado, utilizing an experienced auto shipping company like American Auto Transport offers numerous advantages. The most evident benefit is the substantial cost savings. If you were to drive the approximately 1,700-mile distance, you’d require about 68 gallons of gas for a car with an average fuel efficiency of 25 miles per gallon, amounting to around $238 at an average gas price of $3.50 per gallon. This doesn’t even account for other costs like accommodation, food, and potential wear and tear on your vehicle, which can easily total hundreds of dollars.

American Auto Transport can save you a significant amount of time. The road trip to Colorado could take approximately 24 hours or more, depending on road conditions and stops along the way. If you value your time at $20 per hour, you could be forfeiting $480 or more in potential earnings or leisure by driving yourself. By choosing the services of American Auto Transport, you can use your time more efficiently while your vehicle is expertly transported to Colorado.

Another notable advantage is the convenience offered by auto transport companies. American Auto Transport provides door-to-door service, meaning your car will be picked up from your desired location in Washington, D.C., and delivered directly to your chosen destination in Colorado. This eliminates the need for you to handle the logistics of drop-offs and pickups at terminals, saving you both time and effort.

Reputable auto transport services typically come with insurance coverage. American Auto Transport often offers insurance coverage for your vehicle during transit, providing peace of mind and financial protection in the unlikely event of unforeseen incidents. In conclusion, the considerable financial savings, efficient use of time, convenience, and added security make American Auto Transport a wise choice for transporting your car from Washington, D.C. to Colorado.

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Costs Breakdown of Driving Yourself

Let’s break down the costs of driving your car and compare it to hiring American Auto Transport:

  • Gas costs: For the approximately 1,700-mile journey with an average fuel efficiency of 25 miles per gallon and a gas price of $3.50 per gallon, you’d spend roughly $238 on gas for one way.
  • Accommodation: Anticipate at least one overnight stay during the road trip, which could cost around $100 to $150, depending on your choice of lodging.
  • Food: Considering three meals a day for two days, you might spend approximately $75 to $125, depending on your dining preferences.
  • Vehicle wear and tear: Factor in potential expenses such as oil changes, tire wear, and minor repairs, which could easily add up to $150 or more.
  • Time cost: If you value your time at $20 per hour, and the trip takes around 24 hours, you’d be forfeiting $480 in potential earnings or leisure.
  • Total estimated cost for driving: Gas ($238) + Accommodation ($100-$150) + Food ($75-$125) + Vehicle wear and tear ($150) + Time cost ($480) = Approximately $1,043-$1,093 one way.

Opting for American Auto Transport makes financial sense when considering the costs associated with driving your car from Washington, D.C. to Colorado. The cumulative expenses of gas, accommodation, food, vehicle maintenance, and the value of your time can easily surpass $1,000 for a one-way journey. American Auto Transport typically offers competitive pricing that often comes in lower than the total expenses of self-driving. This substantial cost savings, combined with the convenience of door-to-door service and the added security of insurance coverage, makes it a fiscally prudent choice. By choosing American Auto Transport, you not only save money but also make the transportation process smoother and more time-efficient, allowing you to allocate your resources more wisely while your vehicle is transported professionally to Colorado.