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Transporting your vehicle from Idaho to New Jersey has never been easier before with American Auto Transport. We transport just about any kind of automobile to and from the Idaho area on a regular basis. Forget about driving, we can help save you time, hassle and money with affordable auto transport services. Contact us today to get an INSTANT quote and reserve your car shipping appointment today.

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Driving Yourself vs Using American Auto Transport

Using American Auto Transport to ship your car from Idaho to New Jersey offers several noteworthy advantages. One key benefit is the cost savings. The distance between Idaho and New Jersey is approximately 2,400 miles. If you decide to drive your car, assuming a fuel efficiency of 25 miles per gallon and a gas price of $3 per gallon, you would spend around $288 on fuel alone. Additionally, you’d need to consider accommodation costs, meals, and potential wear and tear expenses, which could easily surpass $500. Opting for American Auto Transport can save you around $300 to $600.

Time is another significant factor. The drive from Idaho to New Jersey could take you 40 hours or more, depending on your route and stops. That’s almost two full days of continuous driving. By using a professional auto shipping service, you can have your car delivered in 5-7 days on average, providing you with extra time to manage other aspects of your move.

Safety is paramount when it comes to transporting your car over long distances. American Auto Transport employs experienced drivers and employs secure, enclosed carriers to shield your vehicle from road hazards, weather conditions, and unforeseen accidents. They also offer insurance coverage, providing up to $100,000 in coverage for most shipments, giving you peace of mind about your car’s security.

Lastly, by choosing American Auto Transport for car shipping, you can keep your vehicle’s mileage low. The distance from Idaho to New Jersey is a substantial drive, and every additional mile decreases your car’s resale value. Opting for auto transport can help preserve your car’s value and extend its lifespan, making it a smart financial choice in the long run. In summary, selecting American Auto Transport for your car transport needs is a cost-effective, time-efficient, and safe decision that ensures your vehicle’s well-being throughout the journey.

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Costs Breakdown of Driving Yourself

Driving your car from Idaho to New Jersey might seem like a feasible option, but when you break down the costs involved, it becomes evident that hiring American Auto Transport is the more financially sensible choice:

  • Fuel: The distance between Idaho and New Jersey is approximately 2,400 miles. If your car has a fuel efficiency of 25 miles per gallon and you consider a gas price of $3 per gallon, you’d spend roughly $288 on fuel for the trip.
  • Accommodation: For a multi-day journey, you’d likely need to stay in a hotel. Assuming an average hotel room cost of $100 per night, even a single night can add another $100 to your expenses.
  • Meals: Road trips often involve dining out, and with an average meal cost of $15, three meals per day over several days can quickly add up. For a two-day journey, this could amount to about $90.
  • Wear and Tear: Extended driving can lead to increased maintenance costs and a decline in your car’s resale value, though these costs can be challenging to estimate precisely.

If you opt to drive your car from Idaho to New Jersey, you could easily spend approximately $478, excluding potential wear and tear expenses.

In contrast, choosing American Auto Transport presents a more financially prudent choice. While the exact cost may vary based on vehicle type and specific services, the company generally offers competitive rates for shipping from Idaho to New Jersey, typically ranging from $700 to $1,000 on average. By selecting auto transport, you can save around $200 to $500 compared to driving your car yourself. Additionally, you’ll avoid wear and tear, ensuring your vehicle’s value remains intact, making it a cost-effective and financially wise decision in the long run.