Auto Transport Should Make Your Life Easy

Auto transport is supposed to make your life easier. And when you work with American Auto Transport, it always is! This is why we let our customers pack personal belongings in their vehicles! This way you can save the cost of parcel services and bag checking. However, it is important to know what the limitations of packing belongings in your vehicle are so that we can keep your vehicle and other vehicles on the road safe.

One of our customers’ main concerns about car shipping is whether or not personal belongings can be shipped along with a vehicle during auto shipping. In short, American Auto Transport can provide our customers with such a service. However, you must follow a particular protocol. First, it is important to note that transporting personal belongings with your vehicle shipment is not technically allowed. But so long as the total weight of the goods is under 100 lbs., it should not be any problem. So the first rule of transport protocol is to keep the weight down.

The second rule of protocol is to keep your goods either in the trunk or below the window line. To ensure the safety of our drivers, our drivers’ payload, and other vehicles traveling on the road along side your vehicle, your items must be secured properly. The way to secure these items is to keep them in the trunk or below the window line!

The third rule of protocol is to let us know about any and all items that you plan to ship along with your vehicle. It is important for us to know this information BEFORE HAND so that we are able to inform the driver. The nature of shipping requires our drivers to know the total weight of their payload beforehand, so if you plan to ship your belongings with us, please inform us. As a side note, you may NOT ship any sorts of alcohol, explosives and flammable items, drugs, or firearms in your vehicle during shipping, regardless of their weight.

So if you need auto shipping as well as the shipping of a small amount of personal items, American Auto Transport can help you get the job done! American Auto Transport is committed to offering the very best possible service for you, and that includes making it more convenient to ship your vehicle with us. So use the best auto transport company in the nation. Use the most trusted brand in the industry. Use American Auto Transport! Call us today at (866) 327-7863 and learn more about car shipping with the finest auto transporter in the nation!