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Looking to transport a car to Hawaii? American Auto Transport can provide a free estimate, determine the duration of the trip, track the vehicle, and utilize a premium trailer. Once you receive a free estimate, our drivers can pick up your vehicle, utilizing an enclosed trailer, an open container, or even a custom trailer. American Auto Transport has helped more than thousands of customers and can transport sedans, compact vehicles, trucks, and more.

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Choosing an Enclosed Carrier

Enclosed Carriers can be an option for those customers who may prefer safer protection on their vehicles. When transporting a vehicle, most insurance companies will recommend enclosed trailers in order to reduce the risk of damage. Enclosed trailers can effectively prevent damage and withstand snow, rain, and ice.

Choosing an Open Carrier

Most Auto Transport companies will suggest an Open Carrier trailer because these trailers can reduce the costs of shipping a vehicle. If a customer chooses to utilize an open carrier trailer, it may decrease the cost of the shipment by more than 20 percent. Additionally, you could easily track the shipment, receive multiple updates, and examine the estimated time of arrival.

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Hawaii Car Transport

Evaluating the Costs of Hawaii Car Transport

  • Plane ticket – $500
  • Food – $200
  • Time / Opportunity Cost – $200
  • Gas – $900
  • Lodging – $400

Approximate costs: $1,500- $2,200

When a company estimates the costs of shipping, they examine the size, weight, and value of the automobile, as well as any additional features of the car. Our company will also take into account the length of the route, available drivers, shipping methods, and the size of the trailer.

When our business delivers car transport to Hawaii, the service usually costs between $1,500- $2,200. Once a customer receives a free quote, our company may reduce the costs of the services by 5 percent, or the business could provide seasonal discounts.

Preparing Your Vehicle

In order to prepare the vehicle for shipment, the customer can examine the level of fuel within the vehicle, making sure it only contains a small amount of gasoline. The automobile should be inspected, washed, and ensure the tires are examined. Additionally, all valuable belongings should be removed from the vehicle.

Transporting the Vehicle and Examining the Route

When you are ready to ship the automobile, you may select a location for pick up, a time, and the type of trailer. Before the driver transports the automobile, the carrier will provide a bill of lading, a document describing the condition of the vehicle, the route, the destination, the trailer, and the responsibilities of the carrier. Our company will select the most convenient route, and this route can reduce the costs of the services.

Before our business ships a vehicle to Hawaii, our experts will examine the location of the vehicle, the fastest route, and all available carriers, and select a port in Hawaii of the customer's choice.

Affordable Hawaii Auto Transport to Hawaii

Shipping Your Car to Hawaii

Once the driver picks up your car, the carrier will ship the vehicle to a port in the southern region of California. The car will be placed on a large ship traveling over 3,600 miles to several different ports in Hawaii. Upon arrival, you will be notified when to pick up your car.

Receiving Important Updates

While a carrier is transporting the automobile, our company may provide several updates indicating the location of the vehicle and describing the route. The company will utilize a navigation system that will allow them to track the drivers and the vehicles, and ensure the drivers avoid large amounts of traffic, construction zones, and detours. The navigation system will also indicate the duration of the trip and the GPS can provide intricate instructions that will help the drivers to follow the fastest route.

Selecting a Well-Known Carrier

During the last 16 years, our business has partnered with more than 15,000 certified carriers with excellent ratings and reviews. These well-known carriers utilize premium trailers, carefully inspect each vehicle, provide insurance coverage, and offer expedited shipping.

Receiving a Free Estimate and Scheduling the Shipment

Before you transport a vehicle to Hawaii, you may obtain a free estimate, examine our frequently asked questions, and view our excellent testimonials. Our business also provides helpful guidelines that describe the shipping process, the costs of shipping and our multiple types of vehicles and trailers. If you have any questions about our services, you can complete our form to receive a free, INSTANT quote.

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