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If you are looking for awesome Idaho Auto Transport services, at American Auto Transport we offer INSTANT quotes so you can get your vehicle on the road quickly. We consistently rate in the top 10 for best Auto Transport carriers across the country, and we’d love to help you provide you with the best service at a competitive rate.

Our carriers frequently travel through Idaho which means they are readily available to pick up and deliver your vehicle to its next destination. Request your free, instant auto transport quote from American Auto Transport by submitting our simple form. We look forward to helping transport your car to or from Idaho or anywhere across the United States.

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Hire the Experts for Idaho Car Transport

  1.   Experience: American Auto Transport has a track record of safely and efficiently transporting vehicles, including to and from Idaho, with experienced drivers and logistics experts.
  2.   Insurance Coverage: They provide insurance coverage for your vehicle during transportation, giving you peace of mind in case of any unforeseen incidents.
  3.   Customized Services: They offer a range of transportation options, including open and enclosed carriers, so you can choose the service that suits your vehicle’s needs.
  4.   Time and Cost Savings: Hiring professionals can save you time and money compared to driving your car yourself, especially for long distances.
  5.   Reliability: American Auto Transport’s commitment to on-time delivery and reliable service ensures your vehicle arrives at its destination safely and as scheduled.
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5 Facts About the Dangers of Driving in Idaho

  1.   Winter Weather Hazards: Idaho experiences harsh winter conditions, including heavy snowfall and icy roads, which can make driving treacherous during the winter months. Accidents due to slippery roads are common.
  2.   Wildlife Collisions: Idaho is known for its wildlife population, including deer and elk. Collisions with large animals are a significant danger, especially in rural areas.
  3.   Impaired Driving: Like many states, Idaho faces issues with impaired driving, including alcohol and drug-related incidents, which can lead to accidents and fatalities.
  4.   Remote and Mountainous Terrain: Idaho’s vast, rugged landscape means there are many remote areas with challenging mountain roads. Accidents in these areas can be particularly dangerous due to limited access and emergency services.
  5.   Speeding and Reckless Driving: Speeding and reckless driving behaviors are common causes of accidents in Idaho, particularly on highways and rural roads.

Top 5 Cities in Idaho

5 Historical Facts About Idaho

  1.   Lewis and Clark Expedition: In 1805, Lewis and Clark explored Idaho’s wilderness, making it an integral part of their expedition to the Pacific Northwest.
  2.   Gold Rush: The discovery of gold in Idaho in the 1860s led to a gold rush, attracting settlers and prospectors to the region.
  3.   Statehood: Idaho became the 43rd U.S. state on July 3, 1890.
  4.   Potato Industry: Idaho is famous for its potato production and is often called the “Potato State.” The state’s association with potatoes began in the late 19th century.
  5.   Sun Valley: Sun Valley, Idaho, is a renowned ski resort that attracted celebrities like Ernest Hemingway and Marilyn Monroe in the mid-20th century, helping to establish Idaho as a destination for winter sports enthusiasts.
Historical Facts
Scenic Drives

5 Scenic Drives in Idaho

  1.   Sawtooth Scenic Byway: This byway takes you through the stunning Sawtooth National Recreation Area, offering picturesque views of the Sawtooth Mountains and pristine lakes.
  2.   Hell’s Canyon Scenic Byway: Drive along the Snake River and through Hells Canyon, the deepest river gorge in North America, for breathtaking canyon vistas.
  3.   Salmon River Scenic Byway: Follow the Salmon River, known for its pristine wilderness, diverse wildlife, and scenic beauty.
  4.   Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway: This route winds through thick pine forests and offers access to outdoor recreational activities in the Payette National Forest.
  5.   Mesa Falls Scenic Byway: Visit Upper and Lower Mesa Falls on the Henrys Fork of the Snake River, surrounded by lush forests and volcanic landscapes.

Seasonal Facts

Seasonal Facts

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