Thousands of Americans change their lives each year and relocate across the nation. For many, it may be stressful, but there are ways to lessen the strain. You have undoubtedly already considered how you would transport your possessions while preparing to move your household. What about your automobile, though?

While driving to your new house is always an option, having an automobile sent straight to your front door is also feasible. Keep reading if you want to learn how to set up door-to-door car transport. Additionally, we’ll aid in your search for the ideal business and offer tips to ensure a smooth process.

What Is Door-To-Door Auto Transport?

Door-to-door auto transport refers to a type of car shipping in which the business collects and delivers a vehicle near a predetermined location. As long as it’s safe and legal, you might have an automobile delivered directly to your home.

A different place can be agreed upon if there are parking limitations, low-hanging branches, or electrical lines. It is up to you to decide where that site will be. It may be your workplace, a nearby parking lot, a storage facility, or a storage facility.

The Advantages of Door-to-Door Transport

You will save time and money if you ship an automobile directly to your door. A road trip may seem enticing, but do you need the added stress? Staying behind the wheel for days on end is exhausting. It’s aggravating to be stuck in traffic. Then there are the added fees associated with such a journey. Accommodation, food and beverages, petrol, and don’t forget the hidden expense of all that tear and wear.

Transporting Multiple Vehicles

Once you understand the type of transport you need and have identified a few reputable companies, it’s time to start getting quotes. Be sure to get quotes from multiple companies to compare prices and services. When getting quotes, ask about any additional fees that may not be included in the initial quote, such as fuel surcharges or pickup and delivery fees.

Personal Service

Auto transport from door to door is a highly personalized service. You don’t have to leave your automobile at a terminal and have some anonymous carrier ship it on your behalf. You get to encounter the driver when you pick up your car and see as it is loaded and unloaded.

Enclosed Auto Transport Vs. Open Carrier Car Shipping

When you call an auto shipping firm, you will be given the option of enclosed or open auto shipment. Which is best for you is determined by the value you set on your car.

Open Carrier Car Shipping

Shipping your car using open carrier car shipping is less expensive than enclosed auto shipping. Open trucks are the most frequent means of carrying an automobile, accounting for about 90% of all auto transport.

One significant advantage of open automobile transportation is that it is more widely available. Finally, even if you’re making last-minute preparations, you’re more likely to locate someone to transport your automobile. Use our rapid online quotation calculator to find out how much it will cost to transport a car utilizing an open trailer.

Enclosed Auto Transport

This kind of automotive transportation is for owners of high-end, custom, or classic vehicles. Vehicles delivered in this manner are entirely encased on all four corners, keeping them safe from the elements and road debris.

Enclosed Auto Transport is a slightly more expensive method of shipping an automobile, although this is usually not a problem for owners of high-end vehicles.

How to Choose the Right Auto Transport Service?

When hiring a door-to-door vehicle transport firm, there are several key questions to ask. You want your car to reach its destination safely and on schedule. Consider the following:

  • Licensing Status – A carrier must be approved by the FMCSA in order to move autos. The FMCSA assigns a DOT number to each authorized operator. When contacting a car transport firm, always request this number and verify its validity on the FMCSA site.
  • Customer Reviews – There are several trustworthy websites where you may read consumer reviews. Google, Yahoo, Bing, BBB, and TrustPilot are just a few examples.
  • Experience and Reputation – Carriers that aren’t worth their salt go out of business shortly. Choose a firm with years of expertise and a strong online and offline reputation.
  • Car Shipping Options – We’ve already discussed open car shipping and enclosed auto shipping, but are there other options? The more services accessible, the higher your chances of reserving a door-to-door automobile shipping service that suits your requirements. Inquire about Hawaii auto shipping, quick auto shipment, and guaranteed pick-ups.
  • Personal Items – It’s incredibly convenient if you may send personal belongings in your automobile when you have your vehicle delivered to your home. Not only will it reduce the expense of relocating, but it will also allow you to send crucial goods separately from the remainder of your stuff.
  • Cargo Insurance – Auto transport businesses must provide cargo insurance for each vehicle carried. When you call a carrier, request evidence of insurance. You should also read the fine print on any information you receive to confirm that the charge of the coverage is factored into the pricing. You won’t be surprised by any unforeseen or hidden fees this way.

Prepare Your Vehicle to be Transported

You must do a few things before the door-to-door car shipping services collect your vehicle.

  • Clean Your Vehicle – If your vehicle is clean, you will be able to detect any damage that occurred throughout the transportation procedure when it is delivered directly to your home.
  • Wash the Interior of Your Vehicle – Although auto shipping is a highly safe and secure choice, your car will be somewhat moved around. Clean the inside and take anything that isn’t fastened out if you don’t want items thrown around inside.
  • Turn Off the Alarm – The truck driver will be less than impressed if your vehicle alarm continues going off during transit. Ensure you turn off any alarm systems in your vehicle.
  • Don’t Fill the Tank – A full tank of petrol adds weight to your vehicle. Leave as little petrol as possible in the tank.
  • Check the Tire Pressure – You risk damaging your tires while unloading and loading if they are not properly inflated.
  • Check for Leaks – If you find any leaks, get them fixed before the shipping day.

Contact American Auto Transport if you’re planning to relocate and need a quote to safely ship your car.