We’re certain to clear up any confusion you may have about whether the season plays a role in the price of car shipping. The phrase “seasonal changes in auto transport” might have left you scratching your head.

What Seasonal Fluctuations Entail

The pricing, turnaround time, and quality of your encounter will vary with the seasons, as with many services. For the most part, you probably already knew this.

Nevertheless, things become more convoluted when it comes down to the nitty-gritty details. It’s best to get more specific to get a complete understanding.

Afterward, and only then, can you make a knowledgeable decision about scheduling your vehicle transportation services?

The New Year’s Headache

The start of a new fiscal year in January is not merely for setting personal goals. It is likewise when many folks return to their routines following the hectic Christmas season.

Most car-shipping operators, like yourself, are returning to the office following the holiday season. Although few carriers are active over the holidays, packages continue to be scheduled while people are away from work.

As a result of all these reservations, the first 3 weeks of the year are often hectic. It’s additionally when the “snowbirds” start planning their annual migration north.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals need a way to move their vehicles. The unpredictable nature of the climate and temperatures at the beginning of the year can cause scheduling conflicts. When individuals must wait longer than they would want, it often results in rescheduled appointments, lost time, and a lot of anger.

How to Avoid Auto Transport in January

  • If possible, schedule an early shipment. Schedule your door-to-door car shipping for early December to avoid the busiest time between Christmas and New Year’s. Preparing ahead and securing transportation once your vehicle has left for its holiday destination is an added hassle, but it’s preferable to the alternative.
  • You can always pay a little bit more as an incentive for the driver. It all depends on how much you can spend, though.
  • To avoid the crowds, hold off until the middle of January to spend time with loved ones before returning to work.

The Suitability of February

Shipments often slow down in February, so expenses should be manageable. However, you should exercise caution, as some auto shipping businesses do not negotiate prices.

The prices may be comparable to January’s busiest month of the year. Find the best deal by comparing prices and consulting with several companies.

Snowbirds Season Ranges from March, April, and May

Once March rolls around and average temperatures are reached, snowbirds return. As the weather warms south, many snowbirds begin to journey north.

Consider this if you’re planning a trip north: enclosed auto transport and open car transport costs would increase as they typically do when moving a vehicle from the north to the south. The need for car shipping services has also increased significantly.

Summer Months are Extremely Busy for Car Shipment

Most people move during the summer because of career changes. It is the ideal time to relocate families, as school is out, and everyone can help pack and unpack.

It’s also the year when more people buy cars than at any other point.

Early June and late August are popular times for automobile shipping since students are either leaving for the summer or preparing to return to school. The price may go up, but there are many transport companies to handle the extra traffic.

The fourth of July is when some people tend to lose control. Many truck drivers go home to be with their families, just like they do at Christmas. The ultimate result is less market competition, leading to higher pricing and slower service from the remaining carriers. Regular service will be restored in a few weeks, so please be patient.

Fall is the Best Time for Car Shipment Across the Country

This is accurate for a couple of different reasons. October, November, and September are ideal months for transporting vehicles because temperatures are mild, and there are fewer of them to move. Thus, it translates to lower costs and faster turnaround time for you, the customer.

Things Get Complicated Again

Several factors can affect the cost and accessibility of vehicle shipping in December. First, we have Thanksgiving. Besides, it is common for folks to take trips home to visit loved ones. It is also a popular period for truckers to take vacations. As a result, there are fewer car transport companies, and the cost of shipping your vehicle goes up.

The snowbirds are also packing their bags and preparing to depart the north for the south in search of warmer climes. December is not the ideal time to plan on exporting an automobile because of the obstacles that arise during the holiday season.

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When planning to ship an automobile, you must take into account not only the time of year but also the weather. When shipping a vehicle, is summer or winter preferable?

Car Shipping in Winter Vs. Summer

Many people can’t pick and choose when they send their vehicle. If you have to move for work, you can’t wait for automobile shipping prices to drop before moving. Similarly, military members may receive short initial transfer orders, meaning they cannot afford to wait months to schedule military automobile delivery.

Knowing how the seasons impact your shipment, you could take preventative measures. Forewarned is forearmed is a cliche for a reason. Likewise, this is valid for shipping cars.

Shipment times tend to increase in the winter. In the year’s cold season, carriers are less likely to pick up goods, and some routes may go unattended entirely.

A car shipping company is your best bet if you relocate a vehicle during the colder months. It’s a lot safer than taking long road trips alone. Truck drivers specializing in transporting automobiles are prepared to drive in all kinds of weather and are familiar with the most efficient routes.

Finally, following travel, you should consider cleaning your car thoroughly. There is a chance of encountering wet pavement, dust, mud during the warmer months, sand, nasty slush, and road salt in the colder months. Select enclosed auto shipping if you need your automobile to be shielded from the elements.

You can count on us to safely transfer your vehicle at any period of year, from the dead of winter to the height of summer through the holidays and beyond. Regarding transporting automobiles, we are among the best in the country.

If you want to discover how much these services will cost, you may use our convenient online quotation calculator right now. You can also reach our knowledgeable shipping specialists or chat with us now.