It is always a car owner’s and transporter’s priority to safeguard their vehicles during transit. At American Auto Transport, it’s one of our key objectives.

What transport measures are taken to ensure your car reaches you intact? What you need to know.

Unsecured vs. Secured Car Freight

Unsecured car freight: It is effective for standard vehicles and also the cheapest car freight method.

Here cars as many as ten are loaded into a two-level truck and transported over long distances as is typical in the United States of America.

A disadvantage of this method of car freight is that the car is affected by dust, rain, and other impurities that can affect a car as if it were being driven on its own.

Secured car freight: It is suitable for more valuable, and exotic vehicles because it covers the cars and shields them from damaging particles and potential theft.

Here the car is loaded using state-of-the-art equipment to avoid any freight damage. The owners of these vehicles will spend an average of 35% more than unsecured auto transport.

Vehicle Fastening

This is done to prevent the vehicle from moving forward and backward or from side to side while in transit. Some roads or mediums of transport can experience rough terrain and a poorly fastened car can get dented, scratched, or experience any sort of damage.

Safeguarding Fragile Parts

Every vehicle depending on the make or model has parts that are more susceptible to getting broken and damaged and require extra measures to safeguard them.

The equipment that is used to load secure and unload the vehicles should be scalable as specially designed straps to cater to the fragility of the delicate parts contained in the vehicles as the front and rear lights.

Expulsion of the Outer Parts

It is recommended if the vehicle in transit contains any detachable parts, the car owner detaches the parts themselves before loading. More protection emphasis should be put on parts like mirrors and grille decorations.

Safeguarding the Inner Parts of the Vehicle

For any part or accessory that can be detached for better storage, then it is advisable to take these measures for it will reduce the damage in case of a fault or negligence in security. Most companies will not include the responsibility of keeping such things safe, so it is vital to check the company’s contract thoroughly before signing it. Examples of such parts include seat covers, rear view mirrors, mobile phone holders, cup holders, cable organizers, nodders, etc.

Vehicle Shipping Safety Requirements

These are rules and regulations that are in line with the law and government policy. These are to ensure the freight vehicles are in proper working condition, licensed, and roadworthy. It also ensures the drivers are competent and certified to perform their duty. These rules are usually from the government. At American Auto Transport, we make sure all these qualities are met from ensuring the trucks have met the required standards to making sure the drivers follow all the highway rules.

Keep your Vehicle Secure During Transport

Consider reviews: This is to compare the ratings that are established from the feedback we get from people who have used the services of a certain company before. Bad reviews are an indication of poor service. In this way, you will be sure that you are making the best choice in choosing what company to transport your car with.

Beware of Scams and fraudsters: This can be avoided by proper documentation from the transport company and legal implications should be provided for in the contract binding the parties involved. One way to make sure that the company is legit is by asking them to provide you with their motor carrier number. Through this, you will ascertain that the company has a license and also it is insured.

Establish the skill level of the driver to transport the vehicle from the source to the destination. Ensure the driver is well-certified and documented for the job. Ask the company for the details of the driver in case of any delays.

Be keen on the pricing. As much as you would want to go for a deal that will make you spend way less, some company rates are too good to be true. Very low prices should give you doubt about the safety of your car and the competence of the company. Search for a reasonable deal. Do your research. Compare different quotes before deciding on what company to use. Find one with the best price and that has taken up full responsibility for the safety of your car and any personal belongings in it.