Transportation trailers and trucks are the most vital part of auto shipment. It is the carrier that takes your valuable vehicle to your destination. Do you wonder what option you have in the carriers?

Don’t let the brokers only deal with it. Be aware and just don’t depend on what they tell you. You must know what kind of trailers will suit your car the best for more effective shipping.

In this guide, we will walk you down the path of different types of car transport trailers and trucks. Let’s not waste more time and get into the details.

Two Major Types Of Vehicles In Car Transportation

Commonly you’ll see two major kinds of car transport trailers. However, these two types have sub-categories depending on their built structure and load capacity.

The two kinds are-

Opened Trailers

Opened car shipping trucks are those that have no sides and tops. It works as its name calls it. When you ship cars in such trailers, your car will be exposed to external elements and the environment.

Due to the reason it is shipped openly, you will receive your vehicle not super clean and tidy. Because, on the roadway, dirt, debris, and other elements are going to make your car dirty enough.

It doesn’t mean opened trailers aren’t safe. With a variety of advantages and disadvantages, they are the most used truck types for transporting personal vehicles.

Enclosed Trailers

These are container-type trailers that have sides and a top. For this closed structure they are called enclosed trailers.

Enclosed trailers provide more secure and safe shipping of your car as they won’t expose your vehicle to outside elements. Because they are normally positioned at a lower height than open car carriers, it is much simpler to carry vehicles with a low ground clearance, such as race cars. Therefore, you’ll receive your car in a better shape, possibly neat.

However, the perks don’t make this truck type the best ideal because it has disadvantages too. So, you must learn in detail to opt for one.

Types of Auto Transport Trailers

Different Types Of Opened Trailer Trucks

We already talked about how to open trailers, look and work. Now, let’s understand the different categories of them.

Flatbed Trailer

A flatbed trailer is the most common and widely used carrier in auto transportation. It greatly impacts the customers and becomes the most valued one because of its facilities with a minimum wage.

This carrier doesn’t contain a cage for protection. However, loading vehicles in this carrier is easier since it has no boundaries and heavy durability.

It also comes in different capacities like single-car single-level and multi-car single-level. Each of them comes at the most convincing price. The only con may be that it is open, and environmental particles can affect your vehicle.

Gooseneck Trailer

You can consider Gooseneck Trailers as a bigger version of Flatbed Trailers. If you are ready to pay a little extra for a bit more safety and security, this is your go-to option.

These trailers are designed so that they can be driven around on narrow roads. A very good choice in terms of maneuverability.

Besides, it comes with an attached axle on its back. This feature allows the driver to move faster without the tension of bumping your car somewhere.

Moreover, you can load bigger vehicles in a Gooseneck trailer than Flatbeds, although it can’t carry a giant vehicle. These trailer trucks come a bit pricier than Flatbeds in case of charges.

Wedge Trailer

This open trailer truck is an option to get the bare minimum job done. That means a wedge trailer is only good enough to transport the car by any means.

It can guarantee the shipment but it doesn’t guarantee your car’s overall condition. You can also call it the cheapest type because the durability here is a bit compromised.

Whereas you’ll get this carrier less costly, you’ll also get the safety and security for a decreased amount. These trailers can haul up to four cars at once. However, it is ideal to go for only two to three cars depending on their built quality, wheel support, and durability.

Single Vehicle Hotshot Trailers

If you need to transport one vehicle at a time, a single-vehicle hotshot trailer is a versatile option. It’s perfect for delivering cars to mountain areas or on small roads, as it can fit where multi-vehicle trailers can’t.

The downside? This car hauler is less efficient than multi-vehicle trailers, so it’s more expensive. Also, your vehicle won’t have as much protection against the elements during transportation. But hey, if you’ve got a pick-up truck, you can easily haul it.

In summary, a single-vehicle hotshot trailer is a great choice for short-distance transport, especially if you’re looking for flexibility and access to hard-to-reach areas.

Drop Deck Trailer

Drop Deck trailers have a unique feature that makes them stand out in the crowd of car shipping carriers. It is, you can ensure more safety to your car’s rear side by locking the back part of the trailer upwards.

As well as providing better safety to your car, it also looks amazing. You can expect better loading and unloading since the trailer bed can drop down. It also gives you the room to load more cars at once.

As it is still an open trailer, you can’t expect top-notch safety from this Drop Deck Trailer truck.

Drop Deck Trailer

Different Types Of Enclosed Trailer Trucks

There is nothing much to talk about enclosed trailer trucks because they are all container-type carriers that come in different capacity loads. These are ideal for carrying expensive sports cars and luxury cars.

Because they need more care while shipping as they are far more valuable.

One Level One Car Trailer

This kind is more like a private car shipping service. When you ship your car single on a single-level trailer truck, it arrives the way you saw it last. This means you get the optimum safety, security, and dirt control.

However, these enclosed carriers cost way more than multi-car enclosed carriers.

One Level Multi-Car Trailer

These types of trailers have a single layer but that is wide enough to carry more than one vehicle at once. Opting for this enclosed trailer truck allows you to transport your vehicle with other peoples’ vehicles.

It also cuts down the cost and that gets divided into the multiple car owners. That’s how you can save a few bucks still using an enclosed transportation service.

Multi Level Multi-Car Trailer

Enclosed carriers with double floors have a vast capacity to hold multiple cars. They are multi-vehicle enclosed trailers. Generally, a single-level car can carry up to seven, ideally six, cars simultaneously. Therefore, a multi-level can carry double the number of cars.

Opened Vs. Enclosed Trailers – Which One To Choose?

The debate is still on “Which one to choose from, opened and enclosed trailer truck for your next auto transportation?” The simple answer is to analyze your needs, demands, and budget.

Suppose you have an exotic, classic, and luxury vehicle. You surely don’t want it to get dirty or damaged while shipping, right? Then If you can afford to go for an enclosed trailer carrier. You still have the option to cut the costs as you can choose a multi-car enclosed trailer.

Having a not-so-expensive car, you might go for the opened trailer trucks. They are still safe and the most used option in auto transportation. Why spend more in an enclosed one when you can get great service in an open one with a 30% to 40% reduced cost?

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