Car shipping has become way easier than before. With a lot of advantages in today’s time, you can enjoy shipping your car with almost no hassle. But some factors greatly affect transportation, such as seasons.

Do you know the impact of seasonality on car shipping costs? Seasons undoubtedly play a significant role in changing shipping expenses.

If monitored a little, you can save yourself from drowning costs in the peak time of the year.

In this blog post, you will learn how seasons affect car transportation costs and what measures you can take so that your pocket doesn’t become empty to ship a car.

What Is The Role Of Seasons In Car Shipping?

Seasons play a significant role in changing transportation costs. Not only that, but it also impacts carrier availability and overall shipping experiences.

You must know, not every other car transportation company is skilled enough to deal with the calamity of adverse weather in different seasons. Besides, you can’t expect all of them to take advantage of sane weather.

For instance, mainly in the Winter, shipping costs become the lowest. Whereas, in the Summer, the costs become the highest.

Well, it is just not about the weather. The impacts also take place because of the holidays, economic conditions, and fuel price changes in different seasons.




Season Costs Car Transport

Changes Of Shipping Service Availability And Cost Based On Seasons

In the United States seasons affect differently in each part of the country so do the auto transportation costs.

Suppose, Winter will hit more in the Northern states like Alaska, North Dakota, Minnesota, Idaho, Michigan, etc. As they are the coldest part of the US. That’s why shipping costs in Winter are the lowest as there aren’t many people moving.

On the other hand, Summer will hit more in the Southern states like Florida, Hawaii, Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, Arizona, etc. Because they are the warmest part of the US. Thus, shipping costs become relatively higher in Summer as it’s the peak time to ship your vehicle.



The demand for auto transportation in Winter is very limited. Starting from the end of December all the way to the end of March, Winter remains in the United States.

This is the time when people have already shifted in the fall and almost have no plan to move elsewhere.


During this period the shipping services become limited. That means shippers do not compete to generate the best business. Rather, they are trying to fill their trucks and avoid loss. So, you get carriers available at a lower rate.


The slippery roads due to the Ice and snow make the shipping process slower. Drivers can’t take any shorter routes during Winter and have to slow down driving to avoid major accidents.

This risk factor indeed causes a shipping delay extensively. Especially in the Northern states where the cold and snow are too harsh and heavy.

Fuel Price

As the economic situation changes in the  Winter in the United States, Fuel prices increase.

Overall Shipping Cost

The benefits and drawbacks make the shipping costs the lowest in Winter. Although the Fuel price increases, the shippers do not charge excessively.



As the snowstorm of the Winter is over, the weather is becoming tolerable, and the auto shipping industry comes back to life at this time. The demand for car shipping increases gradually from the end of March to June.

People book shipping in this period as they have to move to work ending Holidays. Moreover, this time includes the end of the academic year, that’s why the number of car shipping increases.


The most useful benefit of the Spring is, the roads are clear. When the roadways are free from slippery elements it becomes easier to make the shipments.

Drivers can drive fast and take shorter routes to reach their destination quickly. Thus, the shipping delay issue is eradicated and you get the best car transportation service.


There is honestly no major drawback to shipping your car in the Spring. You can say, the shipping industry becomes busy, and you may not get a schedule for booking your shipment if you are too late.

Especially if your booking time enters Summer then it’s going to be a headache for you.

Fuel Price

The Fuel price in Spring is moderate. You do not get to see any ups and downs in the economic situation at this time.

Overall Shipping Cost

Every year, around 40 million people move home in the US. Spring is the ideal time to ship your car because you get the best deal during the timespan. The shipping costs are neither too low nor too high, staying consistently moderate just in between, and affordable.

Ship Car Seasonal Costs




In Summertime, which is from the end of June to the end of September, auto transportation demand increases rapidly. You can say there is an overflow of shipping activities.

People move to different places to enjoy their Summer vacation with family and friends. Therefore, car shipping companies become too busy to supply carrier support.


Totally calm and sane weather in the Summer is the best for driving any auto shipment. Clear roads and a bright day assist the driver to reach certain locations with the shipment faster.


As it is the peak time of the year for auto shipment, you might have to bear the hassle if you book late. Ideally booking a car shipment in the early Summer is the wisest.

It is possible that looking for a transportation service in the middle of the Summer will make you wait longer as the carriers are all packed up and in a deadly rush at this time.

Fuel Price

Fuel price increases in Summer and works as an addition to the shipping costs.

Overall Car Shipping Cost

The car transportation industry overflows at this time. That’s when they charge the highest. As everyone out there is in need to ship their vehicle fast to the destination, those who pay the quote demanded by the businesses, get the booking faster.



After the huge rush in Summer, things come to slow down in the Fall which begins from the end of September to the end of December. There isn’t much demand for vehicle shipments.


The weather in fall becomes dryer and a cold breeze starts to flow. It makes the season free of the risk of accidents while transporting your car.


As there are not many moving activities, you may have to ship your car solely. Needless to mention, shipping cars solely makes you pay more than shipping in a multi-car transportation service.

Fuel Price

In Fall, the Fuel price remains stable. Even though it increases a bit, that doesn’t affect the car shipping costs.

Overall Shipping Cost

The shipping costs become lower at this time. If you wait a bit and decide to ship your car at the lowest price, then book shipping at the end of the Fall or the beginning of the Winter.

Seasonal Auto Transport Costs


Ways To Get A Suitable Quote All The Year Round

As you have come this far, you already know the seasonal impact on car transportation. Now, let’s learn how to get a deal with minimum to moderate prices to ship your car.

Choosing An Ideal Time For  Car Shipping

You must choose an ideal time to ship your car. Here, the ideal time doesn’t only refer to affordability but also talks about the overall shipping experience.

Suppose, you are thinking about cutting the shipping costs the best. To do that, you might consider transporting your car in the Winter. But, in Winter there is a chance of increased risk for inclement weather.

Similarly, suppose you want to avoid adverse weather and want to ship your car in the Summer. But you already know car shipping in the Summer comes the costliest.

Counting all the pros and cons, Spring seems to be the most suitable season for most people in the United States to move their private transports. The weather and the shipping cost are worth it then.

Even in peak car shipping season, you can sometimes get lower prices on certain days. If you want to get a good deal, don’t choose a specific date in advance.

However, the purpose and needed time of your shipment is also a great factor to consider. Because there is no use of transportation if it’s reaching the destination too early or too late.

Book Your Shipping Earlier

Once you are determined about your ideal time, you should consider booking the shipment as early as possible. You must do it to avoid the traffic with other customers for booking shipment at the most suitable time.

In the auto transport industry, companies and carriers are becoming booked from time to time, and booking late may cause you to wait further. Thus you will lose the chance of a headache-free car shipment.

Do Not Rush While Booking The Shipment For Your Car

The idea of shipping costs we have given here is generic. You will definitely find variation in the lowest and highest prices. While selecting the best car shipping services provider, compare multiple at first

Be Aware Of The Economic State Of The Certain Period 

Other than regular seasonal impacts, car transportation costs also shift due to different economic states. If there is a price hike in the auto industry, such as carriers, auto parts, and fuels, the shipping costs increase.

Monitor such economic shuffles and prepare to ship your car when the prices are low.

Try To Avoid Shipping In The Peak Time Of The  Year

In the peak time of the year, there is always a rush of carriers going and coming through the routes and shipping huge loads of vehicles. The shipping charges are also at their peak at this time.

However, if you can wait for a bit more, let the peak time go away and then book your shipping. Or, you can book earlier in the milder season, so that your car gets shipped faster in the hectic period.

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