Is My Car Protected During Transport? Enclosed vs. Open Carrier Transport

The most common question we hear from customers is: “Is my car protected during transport?” The answer to this question is based on the type of auto transport carrier you choose. The safer option would be an Enclosed Carrier, however, the cost for this is higher than if you were to choose an Open Carrier.

Exotic cars should be shipped carefully and safely throughout all parts of the transport process. When selecting whether to ship it as an enclosed or open carrier, enclosed auto transport is often your best bet.

When it comes to shipping exotic cars, enclosed carriers protect the car from rain, snow, air, heat, sunlight, road, or traffic debris. This transport service comes at a more expensive price, but we guarantee the extra cost will be worth it for the utmost care of your expensive vehicle.

If you are looking for a more affordable method of shipping your car, open carriers are another option. However, this method is not recommended for high-end cars, sports cars, and — cars.

Open Carrier Transport

All standard cars can be transported using the safe, dependable, and acceptable approach of the open automobile. When moving from one state to another, it is the most affordable and well-liked option for shipping cars. Usually, open carrier car shipping uses a two-leveled trailer to carry 5–10 cars, each of which is securely fastened. The carrier will pick up and drop off your car as close to the locations you specify as feasible if you choose open auto transport.

You should be aware that this method exposes your car to different elements in the air. These may include road grime, trees, or bad weather, and is very similar to driving your car yourself. This can seem a little frightening, but keep in mind it’s no more terrifying than driving your car by yourself on the freeway.

Enclosed Vehicle Transport

The Enclosed Vehicle Transport offers the greatest level of security for your vehicle. Whenever you want to transport a valuable or unique car, such as a luxury car, classic, antique, or high-end car, this is the best method. An enclosed trailer will be able to offer faster services as they use a much smaller trailer, so they can easily access areas and neighborhoods that large open vehicles cannot.

All carriers will use trailers with a complete enclosure. In other words, your vehicle is completely protected against debris, bad weather, and any dangers in the air. If you would like, the option of single-car transportation is available if you wish to request additional protection. It will be shipped alone in its carrier, so there is no chance of it being scratched by other vehicles during the process of moving your car.

In general, enclosed trailers have loading devices such as hydraulic lift gates which act almost as an elevator for loading your car. This method of loading provides additional protection for low-clearance vehicles so that there is no need to accelerate up steep trailer ramps. There will be 1-6 cars on the enclosed trailer, and our drivers are specially trained with all types of cars and all the best ways to safely secure them.

It’s also important to keep in mind that some sports car models might not fit inside the enclosed trailer. If this is an issue, you may work with the auto transport company to find a solution to take the necessary steps to safely ship your vehicle.

Improving Vehicle Protection

There are many things you can do to improve automobile transport protection, especially when it comes to the inside and outside of your vehicle, whether you pick open or enclosed shipping.

You must make sure that your car’s exterior is properly secured and has no outside hazardous materials during shipping. Ensure that if there are any removable components, you should remove them and secure them in a safe place. If any antennae can be retracted they should be removed. All side view mirrors must be folded to avoid any damage in the process of shipping your car.

It is important to focus on the inside of the car and ensure there are not any personal items inside. The car should not be filled with items and there must be no heavy items inside.