Most Auto Transport Companies will typically provide you with two options when it comes to transporting your vehicle from anywhere in the country;

Option 1: Enclosed Vehicle Transport
Option 2: Open Carrier Transport

Your car will be safer with an enclosed auto transport company than an open one because it won’t be exposed to the weather while being transported. But it will come at a higher price, generally speaking, enclosed auto transport is 30% more expensive than open auto transport. An open trailer can be used to transport your car, and it is a very secure and safe mode of transportation. The usage of enclosed auto transport is the alternate choice that can provide an extra safety option for your car.

What is Enclosed Vehicle Transport?

The best option when shipping your car is enclosed vehicle transport, where businesses transport cars inside trailers that securely protect the cars. This method indicates that the automobiles within are shielded from the elements and any grit from the road. Depending on the size of the trailer, your vehicle may be pulled by just one other vehicle or a group of vehicles. These enclosed trailers are specially manufactured and provide the most safety for any vehicle, especially luxury, antique, or classic cars.

There are several pros and cons when looking at enclosed and open trailers. Enclosed shipping could be the ideal choice for priceless automobiles, however, it can be rather expensive and typically requires more time to carry than open shipping. Enclosed shipping will offer the utmost safety during transportation and they eliminate the risk of harm from flying road debris or poor weather. Enclosed trailers can enable access to transporters with more expertise in handling high-end vehicles. Furthermore, these Enclosed trailers include hydraulic lift gates, which can be beneficial for vehicles that are lower to the ground.

When should you use enclosed auto transport?

  • Do you like additional protection on your car?
  • You don’t want your car to be exposed to any type of debris while it’s being transported
  • You have an investment-type vehicle
  • Do you have a classic or antique car
  • Your car is an exotic, luxury-type vehicle

If you select enclosed auto transport, a completely enclosed trailer will be used to carry your car, truck, or motorcycle. Your car will be transported in a safe and secure atmosphere because the trailer has a roof and four sides. Owners of vintage, custom, expensive sports vehicles, high-value automobiles, or automobiles of exceptional elegance typically choose enclosed auto transport. They decide to ship their cars this way because it offers the best level of security and protection. Although the price is higher, for owners of luxury vehicles, there is no price too high to pay for complete peace of mind.

What does Enclosed Vehicle Transport cost?

The price of Enclosed Vehicle Transport is typically more expensive than that of Open Carrier Car Shipping. This is because fewer carriers provide enclosed vehicle transport, while there is a larger demand for it. This has led to a higher price based on supply and demand. The overall cost is also impacted by the fact that fewer cars can fit on a trailer. Get an INSTANT quote, just complete and submit our form, and an experienced American Auto Transport specialist will provide you with a quote.

Let us assist you in locating the least expensive and most dependable shipping option to deliver the new car you purchased securely to your home. Allow us to take care of the stress of moving your vehicle, in the safest, most cost-efficient way possible!