Driving is usually more expensive than employing an Auto Transport Company to ship a car from state to state. Be sure to compare quotes from various companies and ask what is to be expected throughout the process. Making the right choice usually becomes obvious when all things are considered.

If you want to drive your car, the following expenses are some to take into account:


Many factors, but primarily the type of car you’ll be driving will determine how much money you will spend on gas when traveling from state to state, across the country. You’ll quickly see their differences if you spend time researching fuel efficiency.

It would be impossible to provide a precise estimate of the gas you’ll need for a trip due to the wide variety of makes, models, and engine types. Remember that gas prices can change quickly and frequently depending on the state.

The figures above should only be used as a guide since several variables can impact a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. These variables include road conditions, driving style, vehicle age, and season. Check out this article we posted on the topic of fuel and how it affects auto transport.


The cost of lodging while traveling will be one of the high costs when comparing shipping your car vs. driving. A good day’s driving should allow you to cover about 500 miles. For every 500 miles of your journey, planning one night at a hotel is a good idea.

However, several things could affect your day if you drive a long distance. Stops for gas, food, coffee breaks, and restrooms, for instance, can cut down on the distance you travel. In the worst scenario, you might need to adjust your estimations by a few extra nights.


Long drives can get incredibly monotonous. The price of snacks, drinks, and food could soon rise, given that you’ll be thirsty and exhausted after spending several hours behind the wheel.

That assumes you’re willing to eat at truck stops and roadside eateries, though. The price can be much more significant if you have more opulent preferences.


The most crucial factor is the distance between the pick-up and delivery locations. The cost increases with how far the auto transport business needs to travel.

Whether the locations you’ve chosen are in a city or a rural area will also affect the price. You’ll pay more because it costs the carrier more to travel to remote pick-up and delivery locations.

Vehicle Weight and Size

Vehicles exist in a variety of sizes and shapes. There are several between the big and tiny ones. The price of your car shipping service will depend on the size of your vehicle.

The severe weight constraints that carriers must adhere to are the sole cause of the pricing discrepancy. They can transport fewer automobiles and charge clients more if they transport more oversized vehicles.


There are times when people desire to transport an unusable car. If you’re heading south for the winter, it’s probably not the case, but you may consider it. You’ll be able to drive your historic car down the highway and show it off once it has been fixed and is operating normally.

The unloading and unloading of non-running cars require specialized care and tools. Consequently, if you want to export a broken-down vehicle to Florida, you could have to spend more.

Delivery Options

The most popular method of auto transport is door-to-door. Terminal-to-terminal shipping is a different, less popular choice. If you choose this auto transport service, you deliver your vehicle to the terminal or storage facility.

At this site, the carrier takes up your car and drives it to a terminal or other storage facility close to your final destination. Once you’re ready, you head over to pick up your vehicle.

Type of Auto Transport Carrier

You have a choice between two categories of auto transport services:

Open Carrier Car Shipping

This method of shipping cars involves an Open Carrier Car Shipping trailer. The trailer has no sides and typically has two decks for transportation. Automobile dealers and owners favor this choice more.

Enclosed Auto Transport

The reverse is true for Enclosed Auto Transport. For complete security and protection from weather and outside elements, your car will be transported inside a covered, enclosed carrier trailer.

So which is best? Open or Enclosed?

Your car is exposed to the elements during open car shipping. In addition, flying objects, road debris, and tree branches could strike moving vehicles.

On the other hand, enclosed car shipment entirely safeguards your vehicle. Covering your car also shields it from onlookers’ prying eyes. Owners of high-end, luxury, custom, vintage, or antique automobiles are the target market for this kind of auto transport service.

How to choose the best company to transport your vehicle to Florida?

When choosing an auto transport firm, bear the following considerations in mind:

Adequate Registration

You may rely on a car shipping business that is accredited by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Good Customer Feedback

Examine review websites like Google, the Better Business Bureau, and Transport Reviews. There are many sincere and thorough consumer testimonials and reviews online.

Reasonable Prices

Several reliable auto transport businesses provide car shipping services at affordable rates. Additionally, some companies offer various specific discounts and price guarantees to sweeten the transaction.

Years of Expertise

The number of years a business has been in business is a reliable indication of its dependability. Long-standing companies have had time to diversify their offerings, raise the bar on quality, and establish a solid reputation.