When shipping any vehicle, you should ensure to put it in the hands of a reliable, secure, and well-rated company.

Here is what to expect when shipping a car:

Select your Transport Method: Open or Enclosed

Exotic cars should be shipped carefully and safely throughout all parts of the transport process. When selecting whether to ship it as an enclosed or open carrier auto transport is often your best bet.

When it comes to shipping exotic cars, enclosed carriers protect the car from rain, snow, air, heat, sunlight, road, or traffic debris. This transport service comes at a more expensive price, but we guarantee the extra cost will be worth it for the utmost care of your expensive vehicle.

If you are looking for a more affordable method of shipping your car, open carriers are another option. However, this method is not recommended for high-end cars, sports cars, and — cars.

Open Carrier Shipping

This method of shipping cars involves an Open Carrier Car Shipping trailer. The trailer has no sides and typically has two decks for transportation. Automobile dealers and owners favor this choice more.

Enclosed Vehicle Transport

The reverse is true for Enclosed Vehicle Transport. For complete security and protection from weather and outside elements, your car will be transported inside a covered, enclosed carrier trailer.

Consider Drop Off and Pickup Location

Pickup and drop-off locations should be taken into consideration when shipping your car. All carriers, enclosed and open, need plenty of room to load and unload your car in the safest possible way. Communication in advance about where and when to drop off and pick up your car is important to ensure quick, easy, and safe transportation.

It is ideal that your pick-up and drop-off location is free of any restrictions, crowded streets, low-hanging branches or trees, etc. Large commercial parking lots are often recommended for pick up and drop off, the more space the driver has, the easier it is to load your car.

Take into consideration the following when speaking to an auto transport company:

  • Some cars may be unique, therefore you should let the company know all the details about your car. This way, they can ensure the safest service possible.
  • Does your car have modifications? Ensure to let the company know about any special conditions so they can plan accordingly. Also, if they can be easily removed, take them off before shipment to prevent any damage.
  • Special accommodations might need to be made for cars lower to the ground. If your car is lower than five inches from the ground ensure to let the company know so they can ensure your car can be properly loaded.


The United States Department of Transportation mandates that all auto transport companies carry liability insurance. According to studies, it is proven that less than five percent of all cars transported have reported any sort of damage throughout the shipping process. You must protect your vehicles against any possible issues, therefore insurance can give you peace of mind and protection just in case.

With Enclosed Carrier Auto Transport, the carrier will be fully insured for the value of your car and all the others that are being shipped on the trailer. That means your sports car is in good hands. In the unlikely event of something happening, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Schedule as Early as Possible

In determining the cost of your vehicle shipping, time is a very important factor that is taken into account. Last-minute shipping timeframes may be harder to plan and may be costly. If possible, give the company enough time to plan the shipment, route, and a time and cost-efficient route. If possible, give the company, however, no matter the time frame, we will ensure to give you the best service at the best costs for your auto transport service.


A real and trustworthy transport company should make you sign a contract when booking a car shipment. These should be read carefully to ensure they provide all necessary information and guidelines.

All auto transport contracts should contain the following:

  • All Cancellation Policies
  • Insurance Information
  • The Quoted Price Given
  • An Estimated Delivery Date

Make Sure to do your Research

Make sure to research the best company to ship your car to and ensure you are going with a reputable, safe, and highly-rated company. Make sure to check websites, photos, and reviews.

  • Avoid Large Deposits
  • Read Reviews
  • Get Referrals from Others
  • The company should be registered with the US Department of Transport and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Ensure that you check the company through the FMCSA using the company’s name and carrier number.
  • Ensure to Clean Your Car: When shipping your car an inspection will be done at pickup and drop-off, therefore it is best your car is clean to make this process quick. This allows the driver to see if there are any damages on the car and assess the conditions of your vehicle.

Now that you know some tips on how to have the easiest Auto transport process, you can begin the process. Our company is more than ready to give you a fast, reliable, and efficient car shipping process. Contact American Auto Transport to receive an INSTANT quote.