It’s only natural to want the best for your luxury vehicle. You should always consider the safest and most cost-effective option when delivering your exotic vehicle. If you’re looking to ship your exotic car here are some tips you should consider.

1. How Should Luxury Cars be Shipped?

You might explore the options of driving your high-end vehicle yourself to any destination, however, luxury car transport with —- auto transport on the other hand, might be a better choice if the trip will be hundreds of miles long.

2. Should I Choose Open or Enclosed Shipping?

Enclosed shipping will be the best option when shipping your luxury, high-end car. Enclosed shipping will offer the utmost safety during transportation and they eliminate the risk of harm from flying road debris or poor weather. Enclosed trailers can enable access to transporters with more expertise in handling high-end vehicles.

Furthermore, these Enclosed trailers include hydraulic lift gates, which can be beneficial for vehicles that are lower to the ground. Owners of vintage, custom, expensive sports vehicles, high-value automobiles, or automobiles of exceptional elegance typically choose enclosed auto transport. Check out our article that answers the question: Is Enclosed Auto Transport really worth it?

3. Be Prepared Before Shipping

Before you send your luxury car for shipment, Make sure the interior and exterior are clean and tidy, as this will make it easier for you to inspect for dents, dents, scratches, and chips. After cleaning the car, take photos of any existing damage or blemishes. This allows you to compare when the car is delivered.

Check that the battery is fully charged, the tires are properly inflated, and the fluid is topped off. Disarm the alarm and remove any toll tokens or parking passes.

4. Keep in Contact with the Carrier

Be in contact with your carrier and make sure the carrier has the correct contact information and that you have the carrier or motor carrier driver information. Pickup and drop-off locations should be taken into consideration when shipping your car. All carriers, enclosed and open, need plenty of room to load and unload your car in the safest possible way. Communication in advance about where and when to drop off and pick up your car is important to ensure quick, easy, and safe transportation.

It is ideal that your pick-up and drop-off location is free of any restrictions, crowded streets, low-hanging branches or trees, etc. Large commercial parking lots are often recommended for pick up and drop off, the more space the driver has, the easier it is to load your car.

5. Ensure Your Luxury Car is Equipped for Transport

Check that your luxury vehicle is fully covered by the carrier’s cargo insurance. Make sure your car’s gas tank is a quarter full. Remove any removable parts, such as custom spoilers, bike or roof racks, or make sure they are secure. And finally, If you are transporting an electric or hybrid vehicle, make sure the battery is fully charged.

Let us assist you in locating the least expensive and most dependable shipping option to deliver your luxury car securely to your home. Allow us to take care of the stress of moving your vehicle, in the safest, most cost-efficient way possible!