Let’s go through them one by one:

Consider delivery time: When shipping a car, delays may occur due to weather, traffic or mechanical issues. Your car shipping service can provide an estimated delivery date. But what if you need your car by a certain date? Talk to our car shipping experts about expedited shipping options.

Choose your type of transport: When transporting your vehicle, you must choose between open or enclosed carriers. Open carriers are cheaper but leave your car exposed to outdoor elements. Enclosed carriers protect brand-new, luxury, antique, or exotic cars. Naturally, enclosed carriers cost more given the additional protection they provide. Think about the value of your car and the desired level of protection before making your choice.

Research the company: You should be careful of scammers when choosing a car shipping company. Research thoroughly to ensure they’re legit. Verify their license, registration, and insurance on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration site. Reading reviews and contacting the BBB is also important. If they can’t answer your questions, that’s a red flag!

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