Shipping a car full of personal possessions can be complicated, and there are many reasons behind this. Some of the most common reasons people send their vehicle are whether they live in a different country due to work or family or even just because they are moving. This can be very stressful on a personal level, but with a bit of preparation and knowledge, it can be made much easier on the person, their friends, and family.

Does the Law Allow Shipping a Car with Belongings in it?

When you ship a car with belongings inside the vehicle, it’s called “Household Goods”. This term is used because “household” is considered things of a personal nature. Therefore by shipping the items inside a car, you are classifying them as personal belongings. Some companies refuse to offer these services because they fear they will be held responsible if the items are not sent properly or are damaged.

Shipping a car with any belongings inside the vehicle is legal, but only when the items are not considered “Freight.” The only way to send a car with freight inside is if a commercial invoice is attached to the shipment and the items are adequately packaged.

The Cost of Shipping a Car with Personal Belongings May be High

Shipping a car with household goods in it can cost more. The more stuff you have inside the vehicle, the more you pay. This is primarily because of weight. The more weight, the more it costs.

If you decide to ship your items with the car, you must ask yourself, is it worth it? Most people will not have a problem getting more money by selling their household goods, so if you are having a hard time selling them, it’s better to ship them with your car.

The cost of shipping a car with personal belongings depends on the size of the vehicle, where it is going, and how long it takes to get there.

It Can be Risky to Ship a Car with Personal Belongings

The most likely reason you would be worried about shipping your car with items in it is if they are damaged or lost. Theft and burglary are prevalent occurrences, and therefore, by shipping the belongings with your vehicle, you are increasing the risk of having something stolen.

It is necessary to ensure your items because travel insurance will not cover them if they are lost or damaged. Furthermore, the things are no longer insured if your car is stolen. The car insurance will not cover it, so you must guarantee your belongings.

Therefore, if damage or loss occurs, you must file a claim with the shipping company and the police. The police will only be involved if you believe the theft occurred during transit.

When dealing with such shipments, there are factors that you need to consider:

1. Insurance Coverage

In this day and age, car insurance is not something you can afford to disregard. Your household goods must be insured if you are shipping your belongings with the car.

2. Item Placement

If you decide to pack your car with personal items before or after you drive it to the shipping depot, consider putting them in the car’s trunk. This way, they are not likely to be stolen and will be safer than inside the vehicle. Another reason you should put personal items in the trunk is because it’s easier to move everything around.

3. Vehicle Condition

Another thing you need to consider is that your car’s interior may be damaged. This is common when transporting household goods; if you decide to put them inside or around the vehicle, they could get hurt.

Suggestions for Shipping Items in Your Car

If you ship items in your car, the following will help make the process easier. When shipping items with a vehicle, it is impossible to predict what may happen, so it’s necessary to be prepared if anything goes wrong. The following tips are essential if you must ship items with a vehicle.

Make a List: It is essential to list all the items you are shipping and take photos of them. Images will be helpful if you need any information from the shipping company later.

Take Inventory: It is essential to inventory your belongings before you pack the car. Doing this will make it easier to see if everything has been loaded correctly, ensuring that nothing is missing and that nothing can be lost inside the vehicle.

Be Prepared: It is essential to ensure you are fully ready before packing the car. Remember, this may be a stressful and time-consuming process, so you must ensure you have everything you need.

Be Patient: One of the essential things when shipping something in a vehicle is patience and calmness. It’s easy to get frustrated and nervous, making the entire process more difficult.

Get Organized: It is essential to pack your belongings in a logical order so you can easily find everything if anything is missing. The best way to do this is by putting everything in one room and then labeling all the luggage or boxes, so you know exactly where to put each item within the vehicle. A benefit of being organized is getting a better price for your items if you decide to sell them.

Be Flexible: When shipping items with a vehicle, it will be necessary that the things are in good condition. If you don’t do this, the shipping company may refuse to transport it, or they will charge you extra money.

Final Thoughts

Shipping your car with items can be tricky, but it is necessary if you move countries. To have a successful shipment, you must ensure you are organized, patient, and well-prepared. In this article, I discussed some of the most common causes for why you should ship your car full of personal belongings, so you can make the process easier. You only have to follow these factors, and everything will go smoothly. Also, if you have the time to sell your items, I suggest doing it. However, if you are running out of time and need to ship your vehicle quickly, then it’s best to pack all your belongings with the car.