Buying a new car or upgrading the old one might be exciting, but you need to be aware of the additional expenses. If you are shipping a car to Florida, you should find out if you will be paying any taxes on the shipping charges. The only taxable delivery charges in Florida are those in the sales price of physical personal assets. Furthermore, the charges must be provided on a bill or sales invoice. Therefore, the cost of shipping a vehicle to Florida is non-taxable.

Auto Transport Rates

You will need an average of $ 1650 to ship a car from one destination to another across the U.S. The cost can lie between $ 1200 and $ 2100, depending on the distance and shipping company. However, you can find some companies charging as low as $ 700. In addition, the price you pay primarily depends on the distance you want to ship your auto since many shipping companies charge per mile. Furthermore, enclosed transportation is more expensive than an open one.

Factors Influencing Car Shipment Costs

Total mileage across the Country is the primary factor determining the cost of shipping a vehicle. The following are additional determining factors:

The Shipping Season

Shipping during rush seasons could be costlier than off-peak when the demand for shipping services is lower. For instance, winter is an ideal season for any budget-conscious individual who wants to save on shipping costs. However, you should be ready to wait for longer delivery periods than usual due to the weather.

Vehicle Size

It would be cheaper to ship a standard sedan than an SUV across any distance. Primarily, large vehicles are heavier and occupy more space than smaller ones, which affects the carrier’s capacity to ship more at once.

Delivery Location

Your expected delivery point determines how much more you will pay. For example, delivering an auto to your doorstep in a remote area will cost you more than if you can collect it from a central pick-up hub.

Your Shipping Timeline

Typically, shipping bodies take a long time, usually weeks, to get a vehicle from one destination to another across the Country. However, you can find rush services at an extra cost if you want faster delivery.

Type of Transport

You can choose between an enclosed shipment and an open one. While open transport is the most popular and cheaper, it is only ideal for shipping a standard car. However, if you are shipping a unique, more valuable auto, you might have to go for the costlier option, enclosed shipping.

Your Vehicle’s Condition

It is easier and cheaper to transport a vehicle in working conditions than an inoperable one. The shipping services must apply special equipment to load and offload if your car is in bad shape. It also requires extra care while in transit, which may cost extra.

Fuel Type and Cost

Diesel and gas prices significantly impact the price of shipping a car from one point to another. A rise in fuel prices triggers an increase in the cost of shipping.

Car Shipping Costs by Size

Vehicle size is a primary factor determining shipping costs for various reasons. First, large autos occupy more room and limit space for other cars in the transporter. Additionally, larger cars are heavier, limiting the carrier’s capacity to carry more weight.

All transport services must adhere to the U.S. Department of Transportation on maximum freight weight; 80 000 pounds. With that, a carrier can only haul about five to nine cars at a go.

Car Shipping Charges by Freight

While the transporter is the most popular and common car shipping mode, you can use many other options. However, each option comes with its own conditions. Below are more car shipping methods:

A Freight Train

A freight train is one of the most budget-friendly car shipping options, but a disadvantage to people shipping solo vehicles. Commercial carriers avoid working with lone individuals, meaning you have to use a transportation company, which can sometimes have limited space. Furthermore, you will also face restrictions at the terminals and have to forge a way to get your car through the terminals.

Port-To-Port Shipping

Getting your car across a water body is best.

Air Freight

Shipping your car by air is an excellent option due to its speed and safety. However, the cost of air freight can sometimes exceed the auto’s actual value.

Passenger Train

Some passenger trains allow the shipping of standard vehicles across the Country. For example, you can ship a car from Virginia to Florida and pay less than $ 300 one way. However, it would help if you traveled on the same train as your car, meaning you would incur an extra cost for a passenger ticket.

Car Shipping FAQ’s

Can You Get a Discount on Auto Transport?

Check with shipping companies before settling for a transporter since some offer various discounts. Below are some auto transport discounts that can save you some money:

  • Military discounts- retired and active military persons enjoy this discount from many transport companies to appreciate their services to the Country.
  • Snowbird discounts- you may qualify for these discounts for standard vehicle shipping rates between winter and spring.
  • First responder discount- some companies appreciate their first responders with a discount.
  • Early bird discount- you may earn a discount from some shipping companies if you complete your booking 48 hours after receiving a transportation quotation.
  • First-time car shippers- some companies offer first-time shippers a discount to encourage them to return.

Depending on the transport company, you may qualify for many more discounts such as return-customer, multicar Shipment, and senior discounts.

Is It Easier to Ship or Drive a Car across the Country?

It is advisable to ship your new car to your destination rather than driving it for various reasons as follows:

  • Shipping saves you time compared to driving.
  • You can avoid putting miles on your auto by shipping it across.
  • Sometimes, the weather can give you a hard time while driving, so it’s better to ship the car.
  • You can save money by shipping your car rather than driving it. You may qualify for discounts.

How Much Is It to Ship a Vehicle to Florida?

The cost of shipping a vehicle to Florida depends on the distance from the pick-up point to Florida. For instance, it will cost you approximately $ 1200 to ship a standard auto from California to Florida, 2,700 miles apart.

How to Identify a Suitable Auto Transport Company to Ship Your Car?

Consider the following tips to help you identify a reliable shipping company for your vehicle.

  • Read customer reviews.
  • Ensure that the company is insured, bonded, and licensed.
  • Check the company’s accreditation.
  • Go for quality as opposed to price.
  • Pay attention to all the details.

What Is the Typical Duration for Shipping a Car?

It takes approximately two weeks to ship a car across the Country.