Hawaii has thousands of annual movers in the state. Perhaps you are one of them trying to figure out what to do about shipping your car to Hawaii.

Although it may appear that selling it and purchasing a new one is the best alternative, this might not be the case always.

Indeed, you could save money and time by shipping your car to Hawaii, especially if you plan to use it for a long.

American Auto Transport ships thousands of vehicles annually, giving them knowledge in vehicle transport management.

Do not worry so much about taking your automobile with you when you move.

The firm streamlines the process and helps you save money, especially bearing in mind the massive cost of vehicles than anywhere in the U.S. You should take your car with you to Hawaii without a second thought.

Read on to find out some 10 essential tips to follow when shipping your vehicle to Hawaii.

1. Prepare Your Car for the Delivery

Getting your vehicle ready for transport is a crucial step.

All your belongings should be taken out of the vehicle, and you should fill up the gas tank within a quarter of its capacity.

Deactivating security alarms is another prudent move. Safe and undamaged arrival at your destination is much more likely if you take these preventative measures.

When shipping a car in a container, you can keep some belongings in the vehicle. It is possible to ship an automobile in a 20-foot container, but the movers need access to the passenger seat and a clear view of the side windows to load and unload the vehicle.

Also, remember that objects can move around during the shipment, so clearing as much as possible helps keep your car and belongings secure.

We also recommend that you have two sets of keys: one to leave in the car and one to keep with you at all times.

2. Choosing the Right Company

When needing such services, it is crucial to do homework and select a trustworthy car transport firm.

You can get reviews and price quotes online when looking for a company to meet your needs.

Once you have located a reputable firm to work with, it is time to lay out precisely what you are hoping to achieve.

Before finalizing your transaction, ensure you understand the shipping policies and processes, which the customer services team will assist you in achieving.

Your car’s timely and secure delivery relies on your decision of a car shipping business.

3. Get all the Necessary Paperwork Together

Make sure you have the appropriate documentation in place before exporting your vehicle.

The registration, bill of sale, driver’s license, and proof of insurance are all examples of such documents.

Also, before you sign the shipping agreement, be sure you have read every item.

You do not want to be caught off guard by hidden stipulations in the contract if something goes wrong, which some unscrupulous organizations are known to do.

That way, you will not be caught off guard by any hidden costs or other surprises related to the transaction.

A duplicate of your car’s key will also be required for shipping purposes.

Having all the necessary paperwork completed before shipping your vehicle helps increase the likelihood that it will reach its destination in one piece.

4. Choose the Correct Payment Method

Credit cards are accepted by most vehicle transport businesses, although others only take checks or cash.

Before scheduling your shipping, inquire about the accepted methods of payment.

You are responsible for ensuring sufficient money is in the bank account designated for delivery before the shipment’s expected arrival date if you want to pay with a check.

Vehicle shipping might be a hassle but settling on a payment method should be simple.

5. Insure the Shipment

While the law in the state may mandate that the auto shipping company insure your vehicle during transit, it is still a good idea to purchase supplementary coverage in case something should happen.

In this way, you can be assured that you will be financially supported if damage to your vehicle. A few factors should be remembered as you browse for automobile transport insurance:

  • Ensure the coverage completely protects you in the event of a total loss of your vehicle.
  • You should check that the insurance is valid for the entire term of shipping.
  • You should verify that your vehicle is covered in the event of any mishaps while in transportation.

6. Select the Right Shipment Method

There are two primary approaches to car transport: door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal.

The door-to-door service is more pricey but more convenient. Less money is spent shipping from terminal to terminal, but you must deliver and retrieve your vehicle at a terminal.

Which of these choices do you think is best for you?

Those are two factors to consider, along with availability and cost.

Terminal-to-terminal travel is the most cost-efficient option for those with limited funds. However, door-to-door is preferable when time is of the essence.

7. Track the Car When in Transit

It is critical to monitor your shipment’s progress for many reasons.

First, you will be able to track the delivery status of your vehicle in real time.

Besides, you will want to know this so that you may plan accordingly to be there when it arrives.

You may monitor the delivery of your vehicle by checking its location online as it travels from your location to its destination.

This way, you can know if there are any issues with the shipment or delays.

But tracking your package is an excellent method to stay on top of things and in the know.

Your car’s safety and peace of mind depend on your ability to keep track of it at all times. Once your vehicle has been dispatched, you must monitor its progress.

8. Take Its Photos Before the Shipment

If your vehicle gets damaged in transit, you will have proof of its pre-shipment condition.

Remember to document the car’s interior, exterior, and any preexisting damage using photographs.

Inspect your vehicle thoroughly for any fresh damage after it has been sent.

Take pictures of the damage and report it immediately to the delivery company if you discover any.

If you take these measures, your automobile should arrive in the same condition as when you left.

9. Prepare the Paperwork with Your Shipment Company

When you have finally settled on a reliable business, it is best to put everything formally into writing.

This information is included in the shipment quote, from the projected delivery date to any specific shipping directions.

This will safeguard you in the event of a shipment mishap. Be sure to have a copy of the contract before signing it.

Doing so will ensure that no one is misunderstood.

10. Use Yourself to Pick up the vehicle on the Arrival Date

On the scheduled day of delivery and pickup, you or a representative must be there to meet the automobile shipping truck, exchange keys, and sign the necessary documentation.

If you cannot be present, please have a replacement ready to ensure a successful outcome.

If you want your car picked up and delivered by a shipping company, you must be available within their designated pickup and delivery windows.

Ask the car shipping firm for any queries you have before the scheduled pickup or delivery date.

Before you drive off, you must check the car thoroughly.

Mind the mileage, the condition of the roof, and the bumpers on your automobile.

Always use the videos of photos you took to assess and ascertain that the car is in its exact state as it was before the shipment.

Bonus Tip: Do not Limit Your Decisions to Price Alone

When considering the price to send an automobile across the country, the adage “quality over quantity” comes to mind.

The cheapest option for shipping automobiles across the country is not always the safest or most reliable.

The cost of shipping a car is directly proportional to the company’s resources, experience, and quality of service.

Enclosed car transport drivers make some of the highest wages in the industry since their vehicles are more expensive to purchase and operate.

Older semi-trucks and open-air transport gear are more cost-effective than newer, high-tech ones.

If you find a very low quote, it is because you are working with a broker or an open carrier that doesn’t care much about safety or has inexperienced drivers.

To save money, they might also transport vehicles from terminal to terminal.

Vehicles unloaded at a terminal en route are held until they can be loaded into a new car.

The vehicle’s handling improves, and you will not have to deal with the same driver who picked it up.


American Auto Transport is the firm to go with if you need to have your car shipped.

Their insured and bonded delivery partners will bring your order to your door.

The firm has more than a decade of experience, so you can trust that they will do a good job.

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