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The city of Houston is the largest city in the state of Texas and is the third largest city in the entire country. Houston is home to vast amounts of industry, including energy and trade. If you’re planning on relocating to the Houston area, let American Auto Transport arrange the shipping for your vehicle today! If you’re looking to have your vehicle transported in the Houston, Texas, then call American Auto Transport at (866) 327-7863.





As one of the largest cities in America and one of the busiest auto shipping routes in the industry, American Auto Transport is proud to serve the city of Houston. American Auto Transport’s Houston branch office handles a large volume of traffic in the Houston-Sugarland-Baytown metro area. Regardless of what kind of vehicle you’re looking to move, American Auto Transport will get the job done the first time. Simply call us at (866) 327-7863 and receive your free quote for auto shipping today!

The Houston branch of American Auto Transport currently serves the entire Houston- Sugarland-Baytown area. We currently service all routes along the I-10, I-45, US-59, and all other major routes. Reservations made for routes along these highways are typically dispatched within 72 hours. Call today to check pricing and availability for Houston car shipping.

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The process of reserving auto shipping to Houston has never been easier:

  • The first step is to call American Auto Transport at (866) 327-7863 and speak to one of our world class transport representatives. Make sure that you have your pickup and drop-off addresses ready. It is important that you provide your best possible addresses to your representative, so please include all zip codes.
  • Please provide your best contact information as well. It is important that we also receive your best contact information for both pickup and drop-off. It may be necessary to call you throughout the course of the auto shipping process, so provide your best two numbers to avoid any possible delays.
  • If you have not already done so, let your representative know about any modifications to your vehicle that might affect its weight, height, or ground clearance. These modifications may determine which type of vessel will transport your vehicle, so let your representative know BEFORE you have been dispatched.
  • Finally, provide a major credit or debit card to your representative. We require a card to finalize the reservation process, but keep in mind that we DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES MAKE UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES TO YOUR CREDIT CARD, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE NOTIFIED BY US BEFORE ANY CHARGES ARE MADE. Once you have completed a few easy steps, your reservation process will be complete.

About Houston, TX

Founded in 1836, the city of Houston is one of the most populous and prosperous cities the entire US, and perhaps the world. The city began its rise to prominence after the discovery of Texas oil in the early 20th century. The city continues to grow today with a broad economy based on energy, trade, services, academia, and many other industries. Houston is also home to a wide array of cultural activities, including a number museums, theatres, and orchestras.

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