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There are but a few things in life more boring then driving 40+ hours — especially when the sole purpose of driving for that long is to deliver a car somewhere. Our advice: don’t bother, use auto transport instead! American Auto Transport’s Connecticut to California auto transport services can actually get the job done better and less expensively that it would be to drive yourself! Call us today at (866) 327-7863 for more information about Connecticut to California auto transport!





Whether you’re thinking about driving the northern route, along Interstate 80, or a more southerly route, along Interstate 40, you’re looking at about 3,000 miles — miles that are unnecessary to put on your car, truck, or van. You’re also going to be racking up some surprisingly high costs for the trip:

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Costs when transporting your own vehicle:

  • Plane ticket – $349-1,300
  • Food – $400-500
  • Time / Opportunity Costs – $250-500
  • Gas – $450-600
  • Lodging – $400-500

Approximate costs: $3,000.00

That means you could easily be out-of-pocket almost $3,000!

Instead of spending all of the money, taking time off from work, and dealing with the stress of such a long trek — the road conditions, weather, road work, and traffic — you’d be wise to contact American Auto Transport AAT for more information on Connecticut to California auto transport. Call American Auto Transport today at (866) 327-7863 for more information about New Jersey to Texas auto transport.

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